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Yeah! Finally got updates on my wrist injury!

Yesterday, I went to see a surgeon and we talked about what was going on with my wrist. He wrote me a paper to go pass a MRI, but the waiting list is at least one year. So he wrote on the paper URGENT and then he wrote, possible surgery!!!

He told me it might be some kind of diease '' Kienböck's disease ''.

Its mainly this :

In Kienböck's disease, the blood supply to one of the small bones of the hand near the wrist (the lunate) is interrupted.

And he told me that if its not treated as soon as possible, my wrist can stop moving. Like I wont be able to do anything with it! The treatment is surgery!

And yeah... he also said that if its not that, its a small torn ligament that cannot be treated. Or it is a cyst.

I hope ill pass that MRI as soon as possible! I dont want to basically loose my wrist!!

Thanks for reading!

Any advice? Or experience similar to this???



I cannot do gym till my summer camp, gymrep. I might not be able to do stuff on my hands at camp! I kind of got use to staying at home when my sister goes to gym. But sometimes, on fridays when I really want to go see my friends I just go and sit down on the benches at gym lol.

Oh and I dont have to wear to protector for my wrist anymore. My hand was shaking because I was in the wrist thingy for too ong so the surgeon told me to stop wearing it! Im kind of happy because it was really bothering me sometimes but at the same time im a bit scared because I dont want to hurt it more!
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Hopefully it'll be a cyst in there that's causing the problem. Cysts can either be left alone, if they are not causing any damage, or they can be surgicaly removed if they are causing problems. When I had my wrist competely reconstructed the surgeon also took out two cysts that were in there. I still have cysts in my wrist, but they don't cause me any problems--just pain every once in a while. I try to do some physcial therapy to strengthen the ligaments and tendons and that helps a lot.

As far as the torn ligament possibility, I would think the best thing to do would be to let it heal on it's own then do phsycial therapy for it. Either way, I would imagine that there will be some physcial therapy for the situation, which tends to help a lot.

Good luck! I hope everything turns out alright!
Hey Charlo,

This means that you are getting the right kind of medical attention. It is good news. You have a doctor that want to do an MRI to rule out the possibilities. This is much better than sitting at home worrying.

If the wait is too long you can always get a private MRI, not sure if your Dads insurance will cover this, I had one at a clinic in Montreal last year. It cost about $600 and it only took a week to have an appointment.

Good luck, I know how much you love gym, GYMREP is too much fun to miss. T went last year even though she couldn't run or tumble, she still had a blast.

Best of luck.

Wow, good luck with all that! I had a cyst removed last year and it was like no big deal at all....not painful or anything. Wasnt on my wrist tho.

You really have to wait a year for an MRI tho? Thats crazy...
hammy - I hope its something beside the diease too... I'll let you know what it is! Thanks!

bogwoppit - I know it would be easier to go with a private clinic, but my dad does not want to pay for anything else. We already payed 180$ to go see a surgeon. And my dad is sure its an overuse injury that will heal with time. Yeah I was going to gymrep anyway even if I would get sugery the day before lol. I just want to be with my friends lol. Thanks!

NYgymfan - Thank you! Yeah the waiting list is so long! But they pass the most important ones first, so I might get it soon.

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