what kind of gymnast are you?

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my name is Kristen, im a level 7 at Madera gymnastics in California. I've been doing gym for about 4 years now, and im 14 years old. Gymnastics is the only sport Ive tried. my favorite events are floor and beam because of the effort you have to put out to make those events look fluid and gracefull. The events im best at are Vault and Floor.
Hey Kristen

Hey Kristen. This is ur best buddy CHELSEA! I know you already know me but since were prenending we dont know eachother... I am a gymnast at Madera Gymnastics ( like you ) =) Ummm I know you very well. my best event is Floor and Its my fav to well I better go Cant wait to hear from you!

Hi Kristen and Chelsea
My name is Megan and I'm a gymnast in Australia.
Floor and Vault are probably my favourite events i think, and they are probably my best too. But i like bars lots, and beam is okay sometimes.
What skills are you working on?
Please reply, i'd love to hear from you.
im working on giant and toe on hects on bars, layout fulls on floor, suks on vault, and balkwalkover backhandsprings on beam. I just went to my second level 7 meet of the season yeterday. what are you working on?

hey - i am working on giants, hiccups (i assume they would be like toe on hects) and toeshoot front on bars...haha layout fulls front and back on floor, tsuk on vault and back tucks on beam, front sault mount onto beam and gainer sault off of beam.
my first competition of the season is on the 4thh of march.
im tori and i just finished competing level 6 in february. im going to do level 7 next year, at least on three events. my coach wont let me compete if i dont get a giant.
i hav all my skills on everything but bars
beam- double bwo, training bwo bhs
round off
tuck jump half turn
cartwheel back tuck off
split leap
full turn
floor- ro bhs bt and back layout
front handspring punch front
ro straddle jump
full and a half turn
vault- front handspring
Hey everyone! I'm Kate and I train as a level six at the local YMCA. I just got back form badger state and I finally flipped my back tuck on floor w/o a coach anywhere around! I struggle w/vault and the tumbling on floor. My coach and teammates voted me most graceful this past season. I'm extremely flexible and have good dance elements and jumps. Bars is always good when I get it together. Beam is usually good, but lately my bwo hasn't been going well in meets. TTYL
Hey! I'm Selina i did rec. gym for 7 years before being asked to help as a coach at my club. When i did gym my favourite pieces were bars and beam. I never used to do comps or heavy conditioning because i was only in rec but that was the way i liked it. My coaches were amazing and i loved worked with them. These days i coach for 5 hours a week but would love to do more if i had more time. PM if you want to talk.
hey everyone, my name is Sarah and I actually just retired from gym last year. I was a gymnast for 13 years, and I did 3 years of Level 10. I was on West Virginia University's gymnastics team but had to retire b/c of a recurring fractured back. My favorite event was definitally bars--I loooove to swing back giants and do double layout dismounts. Floor and Vault are tied for second and I absolutely dislike beam..lol
I have retired from competition, but still train as hard as ever, just for the fun of it.

I am a floor and vault specialist. On floor, I recently got my thomas-full (back one-and-three w/ 2.5 twists, landing in a roll -- it's not in FIG). My best skills on floor right now (aside from the Tom Full) are my Thomas (same as the Tom Full, but with 1.5 twists instead of 2.5), my full-in, and my double-front. Skills I'm working on include full-in full-out and a double-layout.

On vault, I can pull off a tsukahara double-back to a resi on a good day, though I can't land with any consistency.

I coach both boys (levels 4 thru 6) and girls (mostly levels 4 and 5, though I also occasionally work with the 3's and the 6's and 7's).
Hi! My name is Martha. I am in rec at level 5, but I don't have a BHS. Floor and bars are my favorite events, and I hate beam, but I think it might be my best event.
Hey. I'm Rose. I'm a level 8 at the local YMCA. I love bars, beam and tumbling. I hate to dance and I don't have the greatest dance ever lol! I'm currently competing with walking on sunshine for my floor music. I love love gymnastics. I'm the kind of gymnast who can't get enough time in the gym. I go to open gym at least once a weekend sometimes two.
i'm kayla, level 10, 14 years old....my fave events are floor and beam...i am working on front handspring front pike half/ front full and a half on vault, getting stuff back on bars (broke my elbow), front handspring step out front tuck on beam, double back pikes on floor!!!
Hi I'm Kaitlin. I am 14 years old and I compete for my high school gymnastics tream so we really don't have 'levels'. But I mapped it out and I compete around level 6, level 7ish. My favorite events are floor and bars. On bars I hope to be working giants. On floor I am working on fulls and front handspring, front layout. I acutally just started gymnastics this year and I am open to advice on becoming a better gymnast.:D

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