What would this be worth now?

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This is a Shannon Miller 1995 FX .
YouTube - Shannon Miller - 1995 Pan American Games EF - Floor Exercise

What would this be worth under the current COP's?

I'm not going to try to figure it all out because I'm not that confident with the FIG code, but what I do know is:

1. her second full-in is a zero and her rudy and front full are just C's.
2. her switch ring is the only C dance skill???
3. the whip whip indirect to full-in may be +.1

So what I can say is that routine is not worth much at all. If you count her top 10 skills, you would be counting a lot of A's and B's which kills her start value...and she has a dismount of no value.

Any FIG code experts out there???
try wwgym.com there are a ton of posters on that forum that love COP stuff!
Alright, so I checked out the FIG code and it looks like that routine goes like this (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong):

5 A .5
1 B .2
3 C .9
1 E .5

2.1 in Value Parts

+.1 for A+A+D (E) indirect salto

2.0 in EGRs (missing dismount...if she just did a double pike it would go up .5)

So that makes 4.2 in difficulty value.

So the maximum with no execution or composition (which there would be) deductions would be a 14.2.

It's hard to compare routines from different eras. Shannon was brilliant in her time.

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