WOW! Gymnastics fairies DO exist!!!

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Yesterday was a great day for dd. After practice the coach let parents come out on the floor so that the kids could show them what skills they have mastered. DD now has her front hip circle on bars!!! She now has all the skills on bars! The only skill she needs to get is the RO BHS on floor and she will have all the skills on all 4 events for Level 4. I am so proud of her!!! Her teammates are doing really well also and it seems like all the girls are getting skills at the same time or right after each other which really helps with motivation and teamwork. It looks like this season will be a good year for them!!!

Woohoo !! That is awesome - it sounds like she is doing really great - and learned all the skills for level 4 really fast!! How is she doing with her mental block on the robhs?? Hopefully being in a good zone where she is getting all these new skills will help her - one day I bet she forgets she was ever afraid and just does it surprising herself and everyone else. I can't wait to hear how well she does at her first competition :)
Yeah!! That's great news!!

They work so hard and then one day everything just "clicks". I'll bet that RO BHS is right there waiting to pop out. Best wishes for even more "clicking" at your gym.

Congrats and keep up the good work.:D
Thanks to everyone! Her hesitation in the RO BHS is getting less and less and the most amazing thing about it is that SHE is starting to believe in herself again! She says that she really wants to get this skill back. I think her being able to aquire new skills on bars and beam that she once thought "were scary" in the beginning of the year is giving her more and more confidence to tackle the RO BHS.

I am so happy that we switched to gymnastics!!!

Do fairies come to "old people", too, or have they stopped believing in us when they figured we stopped believing in them? I need the Silly Putty Fairy and the Mad Strength Fairy first...then maybe the skills fairies might be able to start making appearances someday!

(oh, and the Coach Who Doesn't Completely Ignore Me Because I Suck Fairy might be nice, too, but we're getting a different coach for the fall, so hopefully things'll be better then.)

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