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    WAG Standing Back Tuck

    Our high-school gymnastics is level 8-9,so I have team mates with back tucks on Beam or training them. I figure having the front suicide would be fine to replace it since they r both C acro. I've also started working front handspring round off as a beam series. Do judges care that my only back...
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    WAG Standing Back Tuck

    For reference I'm a high school gymnast now but I train with a club and have for a long time. Our high school requirements are the JO level 8 special requirements plus 0.3 in bonus. At this level is it a significant problem not being able to do a standing back tuck? Out of a round off I have a...
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    WAG What Level Am I?

    I used to do Xcel but for the past couple years I've been competing gymnastics for my high school. Just out of curiosity, what level would you place me in based on these routines? JO or xcel, don't care. I'm in the US. Vault: 1/2 - 1/1 Bars: Straddle cut, Kip cast freehip (not to handstand)...