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  1. JBS

    WAG 2023-2024: List of large Level 10 Gymnastics Teams (10 or more L10's)

    I just thought this would be an interesting thing to list. Just post all of the clubs that have 10 or more Level 10's this season and I will add them to the first post of this thread. Post a link to their website or social media and the state they are in if possible. Large Level 10 Teams (10+...
  2. M

    Parents Level 4 score out. New 36 rule.

    Hello, does scoring a 36 at USAG Level 4 States count for the 2nd score out or only regular season meets? Thank you!
  3. A

    Anon No ability to spot high level skill… should we be worried?

    The coaches at our gym are older and physically unable to or choose not spot high level 8,9, and 10 skills. I see videos of coach’s at our competiting gyms with younger and fitter male coaches who are doing much more advanced spotting and drills like helping girls flip ect. Or guiding them...
  4. A

    WAG What level is a roundoff on beam?

    I have looked everywhere and cannot find the answer to this one. Thank you in advance!!
  5. NewGymParent

    Parents Private lessons at lower levels/young ages

    New to the sport. How common or expected private lessons at young’s ages/lower levels (L3/age 6) the concept sounds crazy to me, but seems to be commonplace. And perspective is appreciated.
  6. H

    Just for fun: curious what level

    So I'm injured and waiting until next week to hopefully train again. So while I'm not at training I thought I'd distract myself by asking you guys (just for fun: What Xcel level (or what DP level) would I be training on bars? I'm not american, we have very different levels here, so I'm fully...
  7. A

    Anon Judges Thoughts on Kids Competing Levels They Aren’t Ready For

    We have a gym in our area that is garnering a reputation for allowing kids to compete levels/apparatuses/skills that they are not ready to compete. For example, during warm ups at state, and at a few other meets, I watched one of their level 8 gymnasts struggle to do a kip cast to handstand...
  8. P

    Parents Level 6 Floor question

    My daughter is in JO Level 6, long story short she struggles with backwards connected passes. It was suggested she just do front passes for her floor which she can do really easily. One of her coaches said there is a .5 deduction for not doing backwards passes and another coach said the rule had...
  9. G

    Parents JO to xcel- what level

    My 11 year old daughter is considering switching from JO (level 6) to Xcel. It looks like platinum is comparable to L6. Are there pre-requisites for competing platinum when moving from JO?
  10. G

    WAG Level 9 tumbling passes

    For those of you that have had a daughter compete level 9, how common is it to see someone compete two tumbling passes for floor at a meet versus three? My daughter competed three passes at level 8, but this year for 9 her coach is considering having her do two passes. She has her routine...
  11. F

    WAG Level 7 Bar routine clarification (giants/casts/flyaway)

    I’m trying to gain a better understanding of the Level 7 bar routine: First, if DD doesn’t quite make her cast to handstand at first on low bar, but then she makes it on the high bar, does that still count? Second, she will probably do two giants on high bar (clear hip to 45 on low). I’ve...
  12. A

    Anon Training Level 10 at age 7?

    Hello everyone, I came across a page of a child gymnast, she’s been discussed here before for unsafe gymnastics practices. I’m not gonna post her name for obvious reasons, but her and her mother recently talked about how her plan is to train level 10 once she is 7. The true minimum for level 10...
  13. Gym_momma

    Parents Levels

    I'm not that familiar with gymnastics but it's a sport my daughter has fallen in love with. She recently switched to a more competitive gym and they put her in their level 2 group. She had all the level 2 skills starting out since she competed Xcel bronze last year. Over the summer she has...
  14. Gym_momma

    Parents Level 2/3 training hours

    My daughter is currently in level 2 and will move to level 3 once she gets her front hip circle. I'm curious how many hours others at similar levels train? She is 7.5 and doing 9 hours/week.
  15. GymnastMomX2

    WAG Level 9 bonus

    I’ve been researching online and I *think* I have level 9 bonus figured out. I made myself this cheat sheet, can anyone let me know if something is wrong or missing. *D skills count as C for connection bonus FLOOR D = +0.10 Dance Bonus C+C = +0.10 Acro Bonus (Direct) B+B = +0.10 A+C =...
  16. L

    Parents Level 3 - beam fear

    Hi , so I’m looking to vent but also looking for advice from veteran gym moms ! My daughter is 8yo - level 3 . She’s always had a certain level of fear on beam but has always worked through it . Last year she competed for the first time and scored ok on beam, always 9.1-9.4 . Recently her...
  17. A

    Anon Level 9 Bar Routine Start Value

    What would be the start value of this level 9 bar routine? Kip squat on, jump to the high bar, kip cast to handstand, 1/2 pirouette to shootover, kip squat on, jump to the highbar, kip cast handstand, giant, giant, double back dismount. If it's not a 10.0 start value what is missing?
  18. Millygerard4

    WAG I was put on a lower level and I don’t know what to do!!

    When I was 11 I was on level 5 and I was on my way to level 7 but I broke my ankle and had to take a break. Ever since then I am not as good I once was. So I repeated level 5 again and I did slightly better. So in my gym there are level 6s and 7s and the coach said she will tell us before summer...
  19. G

    WAG Level 9 beam questions

    Would a handstand on beam fulfill the front/side acro requirement in level 9? If not, any ideas on how to fulfill this requirement? She is not flexible enough to do a front walkover or front aerial.
  20. B

    WAG Any replacement skills for free hip handstand in level 9?

    I am looking to add bonus to my bar routine, although I could do a free hip handstand mine are very weak and I'd like to look for something better. I know I could do a stalder or toe up to handstand but are there any options that are similar besides those 3? Thanks!

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