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  1. G

    Hair help for summer practice!!

    Hey guys so as I guys know summer practice is coming up which means lots of conditioning and hot weather! I am looking for a hairstyle that will work for me I have hair about 3-5 inches below my shoulder and fairly thick hair I want a hairstyle that will stay in fairly well instead of me...
  2. A

    For Parents Competition Hair

    My daughter will begin competing soon, and I'm wondering about hair for competition. Her hair is short, but it can still get in the way. It's about ear level in the front, and it's shorter in the back. It's also very curly. It's far too short to tie up, especially at the back. Normally for...
  3. Aero

    WAG Need advice from experienced hair masters!

    Hello everyone! I've finally settled on a hairstyle for my team girls. It's an upside down french braid going up the back of the head and finishing in a normal, non-braided ballet style bun. This is a video tutorial of the style from Cute Girl Hairstyles on YouTube: . I like the idea of a ballet...
  4. Aero

    WAG Need a nice hairstyle for meets.

    So I've been trying to look for a neat hairstyle for meets and maybe even practices. I want it to involve a ponytail or bun coming down the side because I'm trying to avoid anything in the middle of the head. My reasoning for this is due to rolls on floor and beam that could squash their hair...
  5. Katie123

    WAG Really good hair bands

    When ever I'm training my hair ALWAYS falls out! It's so annoying, I will do one tumble and it will fall out! That's how easily it falls out Any moms/dads/gymnasts know of any really good hair bands that will keep my hair in even a. Little bit longer during practice? Thanks
  6. pamred4

    WAG Hairstyles for meets

    Does anyone have any super great hairstyles for teen gymnasts? I would be open to seeing tutorials and pictures of whatever you guys have used/seen before!! Thank you so much Xx
  7. L

    WAG Meet Hairstyles?

    Hey Everyone, I was just wondering, how do you, or your DD wear your hair to meets? Does your gym have a required hairstyle? Also, do you have hair scrunchies, regular hair bows, or cheer bows? In the past, my gym has had required hairstyles for the Level 4s and under, as well as Bronze. They...