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  1. Em09

    WAG Gym Hair HELP!!!

    Okay, so, I started doing my own hair for training when I was 10, and meets when I was 12, but after so many years of practice and so many techniques I have tried, I can never make it stay in. The past two meets, it's been okay, but training? Always comes out. So, gymnasts, gym parents, any one...
  2. 3gymnastmom

    WAG Long, thick hair bun recommendations?

    Hello experienced parents of girl gymnasts! My daughter is xcel bronze and is competing for the first time this season. Her coach prefers the girls to wear their hair in a high bun. My daughter has very long hair (waist-length) and it’s thick and heavy too. Any recommendation on a bun/hair...
  3. kimute

    For Parents Best strong hold hair products!

    I am looking for good strong hold hair gels and sprays. We have been unable to get my daughter's bun to stay in this season! Maybe it is the harder, faster tricks? It used to work... She is a 13 yo level 9. Recommendations are very welcome!
  4. G

    WAG Hair color deductions?

    I am curious would there be any kind of a deduction if a gymnast were to add highlights such as red or blue to her normal hair color?
  5. Carly

    For Parents Non Natural Hair Color at Competitions

    DD has been asking to get the ends of her hair colored blue for a long time. The new gym has no rules against it so I'm wondering if judges will deduct for this at competitions. We might be able to hide most of it in her bun. I read the rules for attire in the program rules and policies for...
  6. rosiekat

    MAG Rules on hair

    Anyone know where I can find these? (I did try searching, but couldn't find anything.) DS has been told that he needs a different haircut - which is fine, rules are rules - but we'd rather not make a mistake again. DH is just kind of annoyed because he just took DS to get the cut a week ago and...
  7. Nin-Jia

    Hair and Deductions?

    ChalkBucket Hair Hi all, So I had some questions about hair, how to do it, and what the deductions are... keep in mind that my hair is long (to the middle of my back) and pretty thin. My gym does not require a certain style, just up and out of your face. My first question is how I should...
  8. P

    For Parents Hair removal for young gymnast?

    Hi everyone, hope someone can give me advice? My 10.5 dd has some under arm hair she wants removed. What would be the best way? I read waxing will almost eliminate hair over time esp if started young but worry it will hurt her alot. Advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  9. G

    Hair deductions?

    Hello I am a competitive gymnast and I have brown hair and I really want to bleach blonde at the ends. Is there a USAG rule or will i get deducted at meets for this?
  10. Jard.the.gymnast

    OT A hairstyle for people with thick long hair!

    So i was messing around yesterday, and i thought of this neat hairstyle. I have very thick and pretty long hair, and nothing usually stays in. With that, i cant french braid or whatever, and my parents are even worse than me. This works great! So here is how you do it: 1. Obviously, brush your...
  11. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Would hair like this stay in well?

    Lucky me, my hair works very well in a bun. Long and blonde ;) My friend, however, has hair that will never stay in a bun, and she saw this. I thought I'd check with you guys. Will this stay in? Obviously, if she were to do it for a comp, a billion pins and hairspray, but even without that, do...
  12. G

    Hair help for summer practice!!

    Hey guys so as I guys know summer practice is coming up which means lots of conditioning and hot weather! I am looking for a hairstyle that will work for me I have hair about 3-5 inches below my shoulder and fairly thick hair I want a hairstyle that will stay in fairly well instead of me...
  13. M

    For Parents Gym hair with short thin hair

    My little gymnast had her first performance today. We did her special gym hair which is the only style we can do that keeps it out of her face. She has an evaluation for preteam this week and I'm not sure how to do her hair. Should we do her special hair or her every other week at gymnastics...
  14. justkeepswimming

    For Parents Short hair and meets

    My young daughter just started competing, and she also just had 8" cut off her hair. I had her stop at this length because they want her hair in a bun for competition. She really wants to go shorter- at or slightly above the hairline in the back, and longer on the sides in the front. How do you...
  15. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Hair again.....

    So we can finally be done with the bun. Daughter is wearing high pony. Which I love. Hair seems to whipping around a bit much. It's on the longer side. Any pony adaptions we can use to keep the hair from whipping around bit still look like a pony? Gotta be simple though. She is not a fancy...
  16. Paint A Melody

    WAG Hairstyles for Short Hair

    I recently cut my hair into a short bob. However, I did not think about how this would affect my gymnastics. My hair is too long to leave up, especially for competitions, but doesn't fit in a ponytail. I haven't had a problem yet because I've missed practice for various reasons last week, but I...
  17. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Meet Hair?

    So I'm going to the Manhattan Classic in NY, and as you might know, it's a really big meet as well as my first travel meet! Usually, I just do a ponytail with a scrunchie because I have really long thick blonde hair (like in the picture) and otherwise it doesn't stay in. Any suggestions? I'd...
  18. xcelmomsilver

    For Parents Weird Mert Hair Emergency!!!!!

    My DD has puffy, short, kinky hair. It doesn't stay flat or lie down and I don't let her use gel. We have a meet in a few days and I'm freaking out. It's hard to find meet hairstyles for her hair texture as African Americans! I'm thinking cornrows I'm not sure. Please help ASAP!!! PS. She...
  19. A

    For Parents Competition Hair

    My daughter will begin competing soon, and I'm wondering about hair for competition. Her hair is short, but it can still get in the way. It's about ear level in the front, and it's shorter in the back. It's also very curly. It's far too short to tie up, especially at the back. Normally for...
  20. dmbgymnast

    WAG Hair Help Please!

    I have my first competition of the season on Saturda!. My only problem is my hair. I cannot figure out a way to pin it up. It is a little shorter than chin length, and very wavy, with alot of short layers. This makes a PERFECT canvas for meet hair!!!Does anyone have any tips as to how to put...