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  1. JBS

    ChalkBucket  [Meet] Threads (New for 2024!)

    Talk About Meets! New for 2024 is the concept of "Meet Threads" here at ChalkBucket. These threads will be in a specific forum that will allow you to add meets / invitationals to talk about. You can find the forum at the following link...
  2. JBS

    ChalkBucket  Invitational / Meet Discussion Area

    Would an area with a discussion thread about each of the major gymnastics invitationals be interesting to anyone? Maybe a link to the meet and some information as well?
  3. XcelMom08

    Parents  Mock meets

    Does your gym only hold mock meets for only one program or if they do hold a mock meet do they hold it for both programs?
  4. G

    Parents  how do we stand out hosting first meet?

    We are hosting our first meet. Looking for ideas for our gym to stand out. Should we do superlatives, like a prize for the gym thats traveled the furthest. Dont have any other ideas lol I want to stand out, I want the gyms to want to come back to us, I want the community to come see us etc Any...
  5. Gymnast-E

    WAG  No Mock Meet

    So I don't train on Wednesdays but the mock meet is on Wendesday and the HC was saying because you don't pay for Wendesdays you can't train on Wednesdays. HOW AM I GOING TO GET OVER MY NERVES FOR COMP IF I CAN'T GO TO THE MOCK MEET??????? HELP PLSSSS
  6. G

    Parents  Favorite meet gift?

    What were some meet gifts you or your gymnasts liked? disliked? We are hosting a meet for the first time and I am the gym mom. I want to make sure this meet runs smoothly and also that we can host one again after. Any advice or suggestions is appreciated.
  7. G

    Parents  advice on hosting first meet

    We are hosting our first meet. Does anyone have advice on it? What we need? Anything that adds a nice touch? Really any advice or suggestions? Is there a template you used to stay organized? I want to make sure we stay focused and on track with planning. I know asking parents to volunteer to...
  8. G

    WAG  Order of gymnasts at meet

    Are coaches allowed to choose the order in which the gymnasts go in at meets? (For Xcel Plat if it matters)
  9. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic  Pre meet meals

    The night before an early morning session, what should I eat? Ik the basics, protein, carbs, calcium, veggies, etc. but I’m looking for actual meal ideas, and something for lunch for an 5 or 6 pm session, because i have a few of those. TIA!
  10. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic  Meet tips

    What can I do to prepare for one? What tips do you have if driving? What about if we‘re flying? Minimize hair/ makeup stress? I don’t havpe super long hair but used to get super frustrated when it would slick back or look good. What about day before prep? Day of schedule? I haven’t competed in...
  11. A

    Anon  SoCal combining optionals and compulsory state meet seasons into Mega State Meet… fallout?

    I feel like with the USAG season changing to just having one giant Level 3-10 state meet in the spring this year that we will have some interesting turnout situations arise. All the top gymnasts in SoCal usually compete 4 or 5 states in the fall and then jump to Level 6 or 7 in the spring. If...
  12. littlegirlsdream

    Parents  Let’s talk meets

    Has anyone been to Arizona Grand? Any tips? Do the blocks fill up quickly? It will be our first time at this competition.
  13. LeastAthleticGymMom

    Parents  Bob haircut at meets?

    My daughter wants a bob haircut which I think will be cute and easy to maintain. If your gymnast has a bob could you show their meet hairdo? My partner thinks it will be a problem for meets, and I want to show that it's possible to do a cute meet hairdo with short hair. Also open to being told...
  14. A

    Anon  Is There a Way to Find Out What Gyms Will Be Competing at a Meet?

    We left our old gym a few months ago and things got very messy, lots of hurt feelings all around. I now have the Fall competition schedule for our new gym and would love to be able to know if the old gym will be at any of the same meets. I just want our family to be able to mentally prepare for...
  15. WV Gym Mom

    Parents  How many meets do you compete annually (and what organization/level)?

    After reading threads on this board for a while, I've realizes this varies vary widely by gym, organization (USAG, AAU, NGA, etc) and level. Curious how many your gymnast does? I'll start - my daughter, last year at Gold/Level 4 (she competed a couple meets for score out at 4, the rest as...
  16. gymnast.12

    Off Topic  sick and i have a meet

    So I have a meet in an hour so this is kinda last minute but my wrist and arm hurts and I've been sick for the past week and I have a sore throat, I'm feeling tired but I want to compete state do you guys have any tips
  17. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic  meet memories/funny moments

    I was scrolling and reading some supper old threads (2007 ish) and i saw a post like this in the coaches forum. i though it would be fun to start up again here. I have a funny story. I was competing copper 1 in USAIGC which is basically like level 2/3 and excel bronze. it was my first ever meet...
  18. A

    Anon  Level 10 stressed about state meet

    My daughter is a first year level 10. The bars have been a struggle for a variety of reasons. She lost her bars coach in January, and it has been very difficult to get consistent bars coach the remainder of the season. She is very stressed about the state meet. Her other three events have...
  19. A

    Parents  How important is the state meet?

    We are closing on a house in a different state in a couple weeks. We’ve been planning on staying where we are until our daughter’s state meet in mid-May. But it recently occurred to us that maybe we don’t have to let gymnastics rule our lives. So we’re considering the possibility of, you know...