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  1. GymnasticsVAMom

    For Parents Open Gym

    How often does your gym have open gym? We started going to a new gym about a month ago and they have only had adult tumbling not open gym. I understand reasoning they have been in competitions or the holidays or family time. But from their Insta site (they are big on posting there for any and...
  2. E

    WAG Dominique Dawes to open gym
  3. H

    Training/Open Gym

    Hi all! I am an Australian who is training WAG 5/6 (Australian levels). In January my family and I are travelling to Europe. I am hoping to be able to not lose all my skills and strength, as when I get back there are only a few months until I will compete. Does anyone know of any gyms in London...
  4. A

    WAG Team open gym. Make them go?

    Dd trains 18 hours a week. They gym offers day time team open gym some days off school for two hours. The coaches work with the girls on specific things they need, there is no free time. It's $20 which is nothing since we pay well over $400 a month for tuition and another monthly $235 in meet...
  5. W

    For Parents Open Gym - Let Them Play, Or Structured?

    Hello, My wife and I are new to the scene. We have 3 boys, and are enrolling 2 of them this week. They're 6 & 4. What kind of structure do you guide your kids with during open gym? I'm used to incremental, and periodized approaches to sports. Letting my kids run around the gym sounds...
  6. OzZee

    WAG Open Gym

    So how does Open gym work? I've always wondered this. Are there kids training at the same time? Have to use certain areas? Coaches? We don't have open gym around here - maybe as clubs struggle for enough room for their regular classes. Just keep hearing it mentioned and every time I wonder...
  7. P

    For Parents Mothers day open gym

    Nets been down for a it so kinda old news. 5 yo DDs gym had open gym that parents could get on the equipment, with a signed waiver of course. So I told DD since she always wants me to get on the equipment with her. She decided to "teach" me.... bad idea to agree. Stretching then the fun begins...
  8. P

    For Parents Question about open gym

    DD just started gymnastics classes 2 weeks ago. I took her to open gym before signing her up to see if she was interested in it enough for classes. She only goes 1 hour a week, and still wants to go to open gym. Its all ages and alot of the older girls are there. Call me paraniod but I usually...
  9. P

    For Parents Open Gym -is this a worthwhile thing?

    I am trying to decide if I should take my daughter to open gym at her new gym. It's a bit inconvenient for us but if it will help her to improve I am willing to do it. What normally goes on at open gym? My daughter (age 6) is a fairly new gymnast with few skills that she can do on her own...
  10. Ariekannairb

    For Parents Do gyms in England have Open Gym?

    and is it called open gym? DD asked if she could maybe make it to one since she will miss several practices, but I looked on the website of a gym local to where we would be and couldn't figure out if I was just looking at the wrong thing or if they didn't have it.
  11. OwlGalLiz

    MAG Phoenix area open gym times?

    We are about to embark on a road trip the end of next week. Due to the holiday our gym is closed all week. We will be in the Phoenix area the following week and then road tripping home via the Grand Canyon the majority of the next week. My son is already asking if there are any gyms that he can...
  12. Gymnast_Tor

    WAG Open Gym?

    Hey, guys! My gym does not have open gyms, but since I have so few hours of practice a week, I want more practice time. They DO have parent's night outs, and they last 3 and a half hours, BUT I'll probably be the only one older than 10 there. (And I'm 16.) I'm trying to get to level 3 before...
  13. Iwannabemargo

    WAG Open Gym

    Hi there, I hear people talking about "open gym". What is it ? Thanks 'Margo Sent from my CnM Touchpad 9.7 using ChalkBucket mobile app
  14. cbone

    WAG Open gym this weekend- awesome achievement & nasty fall

    My little one had a very interesting open gym. She got her jump to high bar into a kip for the first time ever (a little brag: first on her team to get it!) but she also tried to jump to high bar on the bars set up for the "big girls". She just missed and landed flat on her stomach. She got up...
  15. A

    BHS/Open Gym Question?

    Hi, I'm a gymnast who is looking to get back into the sport for my high school team but my only problem is we have to get a ROBHS (round off back handspring). Problem is I have completely lost my ability to do that after four years of not being in the sport. I am going to an open gym tonight...
  16. B

    Parkour during open gym sessions.. OPINIONS?

    at my gym, we have open gym (quite fun, i must add ;)) But every time it's open gym, there are there 19-25 year old guys that come and throw CRAZY skills, ones that i can't recognize.. they're too messy! but they try fulls, double backs, and crazy tumbling passes to say the least. - and i'll say...
  17. canada_gymnast

    Leotard Stores/Open Gym in Chicago, IL????

    so i'm going to Chicago for a few days this summer, and since I live in Canada, there are basically no leo stores here. does ANYONE know if there are any leo stores in downtown Chicago, IL that sell gymnastic leotards, not just dance ones? because i have enough dance leos... but i have no gym...
  18. G

    Thoughts on OPEN GYM?

    My coaches say, NO OPEN GYM! It messes you up, and ruins your skills.... But, I completely disagree! I LOVE open gym, Me and one girl on my team go almost every Saturday, Its so fun to help with learning new skills, perfecting skills, and sometimes meeting new friends... I have found that it...
  19. B

    Cincinatti Gymnastics - Open Gym?

    I will be in Cincintti for a weekend this summer, and I was just wonderin if there was anyone on here who knew about their summer open gym schedule..? There is a schedule on their website, but I wasn't sure if that changed for summer. I just thought it might be cool to go. (but I'd make sure it...
  20. E

    For Parents Open gym time

    Our gym is acquiring another gym in a nearby city. As we work to pull this gym in from being on the brink of closing down back to a competitive force, we have inherited some things with it. One is a weekly open gym. We went last night to help monitor. There were 60 kids there from kindergarten...