For Parents Advice for gifted toddler?

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Proud Parent
Aug 5, 2019
For what its worth.... My daughter is 6 years old and will be training Level 6 this summer. She is not even old enough to compete yet. She has been upside down or flying through the air most days of her life. She is training unbelievable hours and her dedication at 6yo is rare. To get to my point, my 2.5 year old daughter is the same way the older one was times 10 and I WILL BE KEEPING HER OUT OF GYMNASTICS AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Most of my stress comes from constantly chasing after her, trying to keep her safe, while she tries to copy her older sister. If your daughter is bored maybe add more of something else. My 6yo is with 8-9 year olds for 14 hours a week and we miss her terribly at home. She is growing up to fast and is already too hard on herself. Enjoy these toddler years and what will be will be.


Proud Parent
Dec 30, 2017
She is growing up to fast and is already too hard on herself.
Once they learn that "too hard on themselves" mindset it seems impossible to unlearn and just kills their love for the gym. Sad to watch little ones with so much talent not having fun because they think they are doing everything wrong or get stuck on one mistake and can't get past it for the rest of the day/competition/month/season. From that point forward they seem to look for the mistakes and ignore the victories.
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Oct 27, 2020
Ah, compulsorys, where you must listen to the same song over and over and over until you can't anymore, because I'm pretty sure your ears fell off -_-
And why do the songs tend to be loud and ear-piercing?
So very glad for the new compulsory music, which is, at least, music. Part of the reason I was glad my kid scored out of Level 5 was because I couldn't stand the music for what I dubbed "Evil Clown." Every time I heard it I imagined an abandoned carousel that kept starting and stopping and someone staring at us in the shadows. If I'd had to listen to that for a whole season.....
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