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Cloe Forner

Proud Parent
Nov 30, 2021
Hey all!
So DD is training Platinum and bars is her weakest event. She has a clear hip and is working connecting the kip to it (but shes lacking power). Anyway, she rips every. Single. Time. She does bars. I am not even exaggerating. I don't know what to do. She wants to train them and she needs to, to get her skills connected. But she constantly has a rip. We have tried tape grips and she seems to like them (although after a few bar routines the tape starts to come off). She doesn't/hasn't used grips. No one in our gym uses grips so she just thinks she shouldn't either. I know being a gymnast you will get rips. But does anyone have any solutions? Or maybe how to get her calluses stronger? I know this is a weird post, but thanks for reading. :)

Coach Kate

Oct 13, 2021
It seems weird that no one uses grips! We do them on our athletes when they have a strong kip and good tap swings. They definitely have them by the time they're training clear hips. I agree that it would probably be the only real solution.

And we have a teenager with a skin condition that makes her feet painful to do anything on. We finally convinced her to get gymnastics shoes but she didn't like wearing them at first because no one else was. We talked with her and she eventually got over it, because she literally couldn't do beam at all and everything hurt so she hated coming to practice. So I know it can be hard to be the only one, but I truly don't understand this aspect of your gym's norms.


New Member
Jun 11, 2022
Definitely time to start to transition to grips. She won’t be ‘rip free’ with grips but she will experience less rips.
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