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  1. GymnastMomX2

    Ezy Wrap Pro Brace vs. Tiger Paws

    Our PT and coach are both very much against using these, they insist on Ezy Wrap Pro instead. Found this reel on fb comparing them
  2. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic Tiger paws

    I’m between a small and a medium for tiger paws here are some photos. Medium is on my left wrist and small is on my right.
  3. XcelMom08

    Parents Tiger Paws and wrist pain after bars

    Do you use tiger paws more for support or can you compete in them or both? And how do you help wrist pain with bars? Her connection is getting much better. Now she just needs to connect the squat on with it all but it’s definitely faster! Like no pause. But her wrists are having some soreness...
  4. Ashley J.

    WAG Share photos of your used wristbands, grips, tiger paws & heel cups!!

    Let's see who it the hardest working gymnast by posting photos of your well loved gymnastics gear such as your grips, wristbands, tiger paws, ankle braces, beam/acro shoes or tuli's cheetah neoprene heels cups!! haha
  5. D

    Parents Tiger paws

    Hi, When a gymnast uses tiger paws after a wrist injury, should they be worn on both wrists or just the injured one? Will wearing just one cause stress on the other wrist? Thanks!
  6. MuggleMom

    Parents Tiger Paws question

    Daughter likes her tiger paws and they help with her wrists for the most part but a more recent issue is sometimes she gets tenderness almost like bruises from the tiger paws further up her arm... like mid forearm from where the tiger paw pushes into her arm. Is there anything that can help with...
  7. F

    Parents Tiger Paws causing pain??

    Has anyone experienced this? My gymnast is a L8 and was off of her wrists for awhile due to tendonitis and bone bruising. She's been making her way back and has been 99% pain free! About 2 weeks ago, she started using her tiger paws again after being cleared for vault and is now complaining of...
  8. JBS

    WAG How We Teach Front Tumbling (split from Question about Tiger Paws)

    We teach front tumbling a specific way that reduces upper extremity impact as well. I've never thought of it as a wrist saver until now... but it definitely is. If anyone is interested in that... just let me know... but that's a whole other topic. EDIT: This is a post that was split from the...
  9. novagymmom

    Parents Question about Tiger Paws

    Another thread on here got me curious about Tiger Paws. My daughter is a L9 and several of the other 8/9/10 girls have them, but I certainly wouldn't say the majority. From reading the other thread, I started thinking that perhaps it would make sense to wear them proactively (to reduce...
  10. MuggleMom

    Parents Tiger Paws Question

    My Daughter started using tiger paws at the begining of the summer due to some wrist pain and the skills she is working (timers on vault etc). They seem to be helping with her wrist pain in her actual wrist but she has started to complain of some pain in her mid forearm. It is basically where...
  11. L

    WAG Best Wrist Supports

    When DD got gymnast wrist the first time, because it was mild and the gym disapproved, we didn't put her in supports. Big mistake bc of course it came back and was worse. So I think out of guilt, I went and researched and bought every support out there to see what worked best for her and what...
  12. kimute

    WAG Ezy ProBrace™ vs. Tiger Paws

    Hi there, My daughter suffered wrist pain for years and it is now under control with Tiger Paws. The coach has asked the girls to switch to the ezywrap wrist support. According to my DD, coach says these are better for maintaining wrist strength in the long run. I'm open to it, but not sure...
  13. P

    WAG Tiger Paws

    My DD wants these. She borrowed some from a friend and said she liked how they supported her wrists. She is level 6 and trying to get to level 7 before start of competition. They have started working on higher level vault skills, but I know those aren't required yet. Her coach said she...
  14. N

    WAG Another tiger paws question, sorry!

    does anyone have an experience with cheaper brands? Everywhere I've looked range from $75-$90AUD not including shipping. I've found "wrist-eez" for $30 for one, and technically she only needs one. Just wondering if it's worth it or to go with actual tiger paws?
  15. L

    WAG Wrist pain/Tiger Paws - again

    I know this topic is out there and I have read some of the old posts/threads. I am having a hard time determining how everyone decided their gymmie needed Tiger Paws. My DD has never had wrist pain, but has been complaining the last week about it only in one wrist. She says she has pain only...
  16. D

    WAG Tiger paws, or.... (other options)

    My child so far had escaped needing these, but I know her time will come. My friends child at the gym is mentioning wrist pain with backhandsprings...she is a level 7 and done more than her share of them. Sports ortho says all is well, but needs wrist supports. I thought I would ask for her (she...
  17. G

    WAG Tiger paws on beam

    I know I already made a post about tiger paws but I was wondering if you can use them on beam and not slip?
  18. G

    WAG Tiger paws

    I'm thinking about getting tiger paws beucause my wrists are always rly sore while I tumble and after. Any thoughts on anyone that has or had them?
  19. SOCOgymnast2006

    Where to buy Tiger Paws

    Hello! My wrist has really been giving me trouble lately, I figured it would just go away so I didn't really do anything about it. My coach finally asked what was wrong with my tumbling and after explaining my wrist she suggested using my friend's Tiger Paws. They really helped and I need to buy...
  20. Honey

    Buying Tiger Paws in Canada

    Is there any way to order tiger paws without paying outrageous shipping charges? All the U.S. websites I've found want $50+ for delivery on top of the cost of the Paws. :(

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