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Aug 17, 2009
Any tips for level4 on all the events? I really need, and want to go to states, so i need to improve my scores. Is there any little, or big things, to work on to improve, in all the routines/events? some that judges always look for, if u tell me a specific part ina routine, i will could understand. for judges or coaches, or gymnastsss tooo! Helpppppp... ! Any little thing form pointing a toe on the turn in the floor routnie, specifics will help!!! Thnaks
While others can offer advices here, I think the bottom line is that this should really come from your coach since he/she sees your abilities and skills day in and day out.
Sep 19, 2008
yeah, asking around on a message board is only really useful if you can be specific/ have video and have asked your coach before.

What you can do though, is condition lots at home. Improving strength and flexibility will help you with all your skills. strength can also translate into good form as it will just give you a neater look in your gymnastics.
Yes - Do you're best at all times and have fun!

Note that I didn't say "be" the best. Just do your best. This includes all practices. Sometimes I notice a number of girls in our gym doing -half bests. Going though the routines, not observing or absorbing what the coach is saying. This is hurting them more then helping. Gymnastics takes work, concentration, and lots of practice. two out of three isn't 'good enough'. Make every practice count.

To qualify for states, you technically need a 28 AA score. Some gyms modify this average to a higher number.

You'll never know what a judge looks for other then "everything". Wouldn't it be great if they gave the athlete the score sheet afterwords? :)

If you have the drive - you'll do great!!
Oct 17, 2009
ok one important thing is to stay tight. really squeez those muscels, especially on beam. o and this is a HUGE lifesaver. always finish things with a big smileand look like u did the best skill in the world. judges blink too. one time i feel on floor and they didnt see and i didnt get deducted. my coach said if i didnt finish so well, they would have noticed and i would have gotten the .5 deduction. hope this helps!
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