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Jan 17, 2023
The morning after practice, my body parts usually have a conversation that goes like this:

Brain: so how are we all feeling this morning?

Legs: pretty good, not that sore at all, feeling pretty nice and just a bit tired.

Brain: good to hear, how about you, abs?

Abs: also doing well, only moderately sore, those 15 minutes of conditioning a day are really paying off. How do you arms feel?

Left arm: …..
Right arm: ……….
Left arm: Kill me now

Brain: oh come on it’s not that bad. Look at the rest of the body, it’s doing fine-

Both arms simultaneously : WE ARE QUITTING GYMNASTICS NOW!!!!!!!!!

Brain + rest of body: here we go again……


So if you can’t deduce from that conversation, i don’t really get super sore anymore except for my arms which is not great since you need so much arm strength in gymnastics. What are some good arm conditioning things to do to increase arm muscles? Currently I only do around 10 to 13ish push-ups and hold a plank for 2-3 minutes.

I appreciate your responses!
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There a million things.

From normal exercises: push-up, dips, pull-up, dumbbell curls, etc

To more gymnastics specific movements: rope climb in pike, bar conditioning, hollow rocks holding a 45 plate over your head, etc

“Arms” are a lot of muscle: inner/outer biceps, triceps, forearms, all three heads of your shoulders.