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  1. G

    WAG At Home Conditioning for Platinum level gymnast

    Hi! I'm on vacation and would like to maintain my strength. What conditioning exercises can I do? (I don't have any equipment)
  2. 3

    WAG Conditioning Program

    Can anyone recommend a supplementary conditioning program for a 7 & 10 year old both training 6 hours a week in WAG team. Currently they have conditioning set by the club, but after 3 months it hasn’t changed much and now boredom has started to creep in…… Thank you in advance
  3. O

    WAG What are considered normal physical testing / conditioning requirements?

    Hi - I'm new to this forum but am curious to know what physical testing / conditioning requirements are in place at your gyms (requirements that need to be completed before an athlete can move up a level or compete). At our gym we have two requirements - athletes must get at least a 32 AA...
  4. Trying_to_tumble

    Anon conditioning when sore

    Is it ok to do conditioning on the days you wake up and feel sore?I know it’s good to push your self and do hard things but I’m wondering if there’s a limit. On the days I do feel super sore and condition anyway I just wake up more sore the next day, but isn’t that what builds strength? I’m...
  5. Gymnast2009

    WAG Conditioning

    So the gym that I will be joining for xcel gold does a ton of conditioning. Probably like an hour every practice. I’m not exactly in shape for this type of conditioning. The girls at my school say that the coaches are super strict and tough about it. They are not really mean about it but they...
  6. lime-gymnast

    WAG Does anybody have any at home conditioning lists or schedules for that level of skill, or routine advice from other ADHD gymnasts?

    I’m a gymnast in a very relaxed team. I’m not the strongest or the fastest or the one with the best form, but I do have the highest level skills of our team. Most are working what would be level 3-4, some level 2 and our age group is 11-15. I’m 13 and training level 5 and 6 skills. However, our...
  7. B

    Coaches New Aspiring Level 1 Coach - Flexibility / Conditioning drills.

    Morning I just thought I would ask here for some friendly tips. First, I'll do a quick intro - Currently a parent of a 4/5 year old boy who is really interested in gymnastics, always watching people on Youtube doing gymnastics or ninja tricks. So, I'm taking him to classes, well I was there...
  8. D

    WAG Conditioning to help keep feet from hitting floor after pirouette

    Looking for some help on what kind of conditioning/strength training my kid can do that will help her with her pirouette. She consistently hits her feet on the floor after her pirouette. I would like to leave the actual “gymnastics“ of the pirouette to her coach. She has struggled with a couple...
  9. G

    Parents normal conditioning for preteam?

    My 6 year old is on preteam at her gym, and they've had a few coaching changes over the summer and fall. The current coach seems to really push them for conditioning. I wasn't a gymnast myself, so I'm wondering what is normal for the age/level. She says they do 100 frog jumps multiple times in...
  10. dan129834

    MAG mag conditioning

    Hey, im looking for a good conditioning for my level. i can do level 4 skills, but my body is pretty strong and durable. i train 20 hours a week, and im not exhausted or getting any overuse injuries. for flexibility i already have a good session, but what can i do for conditioning? regardless...
  11. gymkayla

    conditioning plans?

    I'm still not in the gym yet and I've been getting kinda bored with a lot of the same conditioning. Anyone have any conditioning or circuits they recommend to stay in shape?
  12. M

    WAG Home conditioning programs

    For her summer on-line independent study PE course, my daughter has to log 12 hours a week of exercise. Gymnastics practice was supposed to take care of that and then some. Our state has not announced a timetable for reopening gyms, and she's not going back this summer even if they do reopen...
  13. L

    Parents Motivating kids who hate conditioning?

    How are you keeping your kids motivated to condition? I have a 10 and 13 year old. They love gymnastics, and if I tell them to keep up with their skills, they will do that all day, but conditioning is a big no thanks. We are doing it and powering through--using @coachp 's pretty challenging...
  14. G

    At home conditioning during gym closure

    My daughter's gym is closed at least until the end of the month. I'm still holding out hope that we will see a post-season knowing it isn't likely. What are your kids planning to do at home to try to stay in conditioned shape as much as they can? This will be a big change for their bodies...
  15. RecGymnast

    MAG Gymnast Conditioning - What I learned

    I made this video to chart what I learned from gymnasts about conditioning; One of the main things that I observed and for which I don’t think gymnasts get enough credit - is that there is a non existent culture of performance enhancing drugs in gymnastics. If you compare that to a sport...
  16. B

    Parents Level 3 Conditioning - Too Hard?

    My daughter moved up to Level 3 in January, and she loves everything about practice and learning routines for Fall, but she is seriously struggling with conditioning. She practices 4 hours/day, 3 days per week and conditioning makes up roughly 45-60 minutes of each practice. She is regularly in...
  17. backflipruby

    WAG Conditioning in plaster !!

    Hey guys! I recently had surgery on a dislocated toe that wouldn't go back in, but now I'm on crutches and in plaster for a while. Does anyone have any ideas of conditioning exercises I could do so when I'm plaster-free I won't be too far behind? Thanks :)
  18. O

    Need Cardio Conditioning List

    I am 16 level 10 and needs help with cardio because our practices move very fast if anyone had any ideas let me know. I can run 5k but it is really slow. Thanks!
  19. C

    WAG Conditioning with injuries

    Hi everyone, my gymnast friend recently broke both her arms and was asking us all for ideas of what to do conditioning-wise while she recovers. She wants to mainly keep her core strong. Her coach has told her to do heel taps and leg lifts on the ground. If anyone has any other ideas that would...
  20. R

    WAG How much time spent conditioning?

    What percentage of your child's practice is spent on conditioning versus working on skills?

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