For Coaches back handspring help ??

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im having hude majot problems with my backhandpsrings and im desperate for help !!!!!

i dont trust any1 2 spot me and my gym doesnt have an octagon or anytin like dat so i was wonderin if i cud make sumtin 2 help me get on 2 my hands so desperate os please please help !!!!

i was thinking a bungee cord or sumtin like a barrel ....dat i can buy locally -----ireland .........has any1 had experience

b.t.w i have a trampoline


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Jan 4, 2008
Why don't you trust anyone to spot you, your gymnastics coaches will be highly experienced at spotting back handsprings. They will have done it many times. Don't practise them on your backyard trampoline until you are 100% confident and competent and have done many safely in the gym first. Even when you are capable of doing it on your own safely don't do it on your backyard trampoline if it is less that 14 feet long otherwise you will train yourself to do them incorrectly.

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-Obviously, the best option is to get someone to spot you - if you're not confident in your coach to spot - ask another coach or ask for a double spot.

-Make sure you have a good back walkover, I've also found backwalkover to handstand is useful for some kids as well.

-If you're determined to teach yourself and you're not planning on competing it any time soon...I know one girl who taught herself by doing lots of back limbers, then adding a small jump to her limbers until she was confident getting over her hands. After that she was confident to work on the proper technique.


You could try it on a resi-pit. I am assuming you can sortof do a BHS, though, and aren't trying this for the first time? Why don't you trust someone to spot you? I think you need to figure this out because eventually you'll need a spot for RO-BHS and tucks. Building trust with a coach is a process, but if you don't feel you can trust your coach for whatever reason, maybe you need a different one.
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