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  1. Gymnastics15

    Gymnasts Back handspring

    Hi, I'm an xcel gold gymnast and I struggle with my back handspring. I have been spotted on these for a while and my coaches say I can do my round off back handspring and standing back handspring by myself but I'm still nervous. Please give tips!!
  2. Z

    WAG Front handspring vault help!!

    Can someone help me with my front hand spring vault?? I’m SUPER pikey and my coaches have given me every heel drive drill and it’s still horrible and pikey. Can someone please help me fist my pikey vault!!my coachs are annoying bc I’m not doing it right. So please help!
  3. G

    WAG Back handspring (platinum + diamond)

    Is a back handspring necessary for platinum/diamond level (mainly on floor, but also beam/vault)? I've been doing round off back tucks and always have trouble generating power from back handsprings... but one of my floor coaches told me that back handspring is very necessary for higher level...
  4. Anonymous Post

    Anon Front Handspring Vault for Level 6 Gymnasts.. mat height requirement?

    Our gym is doing front handspring vaults for all our level 6 gymnasts. They all had beautiful level 5 front handspring vaults that scored mid-9s all fall season, sticking landings, no arching, straight lines. But now for level 6 they are stacking mats to nearly the height of the table. So in...
  5. H

    MAG Best way to fix crooked back handspring?

    Hey, what exercises would you recommend for a sideways jumped back handspring? It's probably the fear leading to not being able to jump straight and with both legs together. I've read about tying the shoelaces together to keep the legs together but not sure if it's the right thing to do here...
  6. C

    Parents Back handspring fear!!

    Ok so, I have want my daughter to get her back handspring back handspring super duper bad and so does she because that’s the skill you need to learn for a lot of tumbling skills and to get power and she does cheer and she tried out for the team for 7th grade and we’re afraid she might not make...
  7. Daisy

    WAG Front Handspring Help

    I am currently doing rec gymnastics, and I have been trying to learn how to do a FHS. I can do it on the trampoline, and up until a couple of days ago, I could do it on the tumble track. When I try on floor, I always land in a low crouch, or on my butt. Recently, that has been happening on the...
  8. Em09

    WAG Are our roundoff back handspring entries being scored?

    As a gymnast I actually have no idea; as A skills, do they count toward the number of A skills. Because once you start to optionals you start counting your A skills and B skills, etc, so do they count? And are they scored and deducted? Curious and hoping I have enough A skills!
  9. S

    Parents Back Handspring!!!

    My daughter just got her back handspring (trampoline) on feb 14th. Now, (March 20th) got it on the ground. But, she is too scared to do it. She only did it like 4 times. She says that she really is excited and wants to do it, but she gets to scared when she sets. What should she do? *Sorry, this...
  10. M

    WAG Back handspring: Hands Starting position

    What is the proper back handspring starting position? I see two schools of thought, one with hands vertical straight up into a swing, the other is hands starting horizontal . See pictures below. In Women's Gymnastics: (a) Which way do judges look for and award more points? (b) Which way do...
  11. T

    Parents Back Handspring

    How long does it take to typically get a back handspring? My daughter does cheer and is doing level 1 tumbling rights now. (Cartwheel, Round off, back bend kick over, she just got her back walkover) She just started a intermediate tumbling class at gymnastics, because she is interested in...
  12. M

    Coaches Front handspring front tuck vault

    my gymnast is working on the front handspring front tuck vault but has not been able to make the vault yet. what are the best drills for rotating and sitting up faster off the vault or any other drills to improve the vault?
  13. M

    WAG Back handspring fear

    Ok first off I know there are lots of back handspring threads already but I couldn’t find any that are similar to my situation, so sorry if there is one somewhere! I am working on transferring my bhs from trampoline to aitrack and I just can’t make myself go for the skill. A couple things to...
  14. F

    WAG Handspring Vault head alignment

    I am having trouble keeping my head in between my arms on my front handspring vault. My head always sticks out when I hit the table and then I have to try to pull my head in real fast. My coach says I should look at my hands but that just makes my head go out more. Any tips on where I should...
  15. Coach Kate

    Coaches Handspring Vault Help

    Hi! I am an Xcel Gold vault coach looking for help with our front handspring vaults. Our girls have nice heel drives, good form in handstand, and get some decent distance from the table, but tend to score poorly and we don't know what to do. My guess based on listening to the judges at the...
  16. C

    Coaches Back Handspring Help!

    Need advice please. I have an athlete that won’t do her beautiful back handspring anymore, running or standing. She’s paying for private lessons with me and I’m at a loss on what to do with her. We’ve done many many jump backs, visualizations, worked over barrel, drills that break down the...
  17. G

    Parents Front handspring front layout front tuck vs punch layout front tuck

    Can anyone tell me if a front handspring front layout front tuck has a different /same value than a punch layout front tuck?
  18. H

    WAG Any tips? I keep getting and losing my back handspring

    Ok. So I understand this takes time and I am very much a beginner. I started in may. But so far, I can reliably do pretty solid front/back walkovers, Side aerials, front handsprings, and front and back limbers downs. I’ve also gotten the hang of connecting skills such as front walkover...
  19. M

    WAG Back handspring help !!

    I used to have such a solid back handspring and I’m trying to get it back because lately it’s been feeling way heavier and my arms are collapsing and bending !! This has never happened before and my back handspring is becoming like this consistently!! I have some videos of my better back...