bars: rips and grips.

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i use to be a level 5, but i moved to high school gymnastics in november. i get rips ALOT probally once a week mabey less, and i peel alot. i've tried the lotion & a sock and it didnt work. any tips?

and i need grips, really bad, but my mom cant really afford them. i heard reisport is good to start off with because its less thick leather. any where i can get some for around $40? and at jv confrence i had a really bad rip, and i borrowed my friends grips and they were a size 2, and they were too big at the fingers and keep falling off. oh and i've been doing long hang kips, but i cant seem to get them, will grips help?

please and thank you <3
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Grips can help with rips, but they won't prevent them. In fact, you'll probably start getting rips in new places. Having hands that are callused but not too callused will help. Try taping. I like to tape around the fingers and down to the wrist (so it looks like a grip made out tape) and then another wrap between your thumb and first finger across your hand at a 90degree angle to the first tape. This will prevent the original tape from rolling up and moving around and exposing your rips. I could swing bars pain-free even with rips this way.

Make sure you take care of your rips. I put zinc on mine - they heal in a fraction of the time. I use diaper rash cream because it's got zinc. Hemeroid cream often has zinc, too. I do that at night. During the day I used to just put chapstick on them so they wouldn't dry out.

You should not borrow grips from other people. Grips get broken in to each individual gymnast and should not be shared. It can also be dangerous to wear grips that are too big (especially too long). If the grip is able to wrap all the way around the bar it can lock up and cause broken wrists.

You should be able to do longhangs without grips. BUT - it may make it easier if you have a big swing to hang on. Don't use grips to substitute for proper technique, though. Ask you coach about this one - it's hard to tell without seeing your kip.

I would ask your coach about getting grips. My coach sold snacks and soda to finance the gymnastics program. She would have been willing to give a gymnast candy to sell to earn money to purchase grips. Gymnastics is an expensive sport, and in some situations she may have even been willing to give a gymnast the money. Or maybe you can buy some bulk candy yourself and sell it.

I love Reisport grips, but everyone has their own preference. I think they're in the $40-45 range. The velcro on them is pretty strong so I never had issues with them coming undone. Again, ask your coach. He/she may be able to get a gym club discount for you.
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