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  1. JBS

    WAG AAI CamLock Uneven Bar Cable Tighteners Slipping Down

    We used these at a recent meet and they did not work well. One of them on each set of bars was slipping down when tension was put on the bars. Who else has used these? Did they work for you? What level athletes?
  2. Millygerard4

    WAG Not letting go of the bar

    I am in level 7 and I have trouble letting go for a cast flyaway. In level 4 I had one but forgot how to do it. It all started when I hit my toes trying one for the first time in years. Ever since then for months I have not been letting go in fear of hitting my toes. I can do it from one tap...
  3. mezzamare

    Parents Name That Bar Skill

    Dunno if anyone caught this, but College Gym News posted a very cool ten-minute bar clinic which touches on (and shows!) different bar skills common in the NCAA. Great video for anyone wanting to brush up on (or learn) what all of these skills actually look like (and are called):
  4. F

    WAG Level 7 Bar routine clarification (giants/casts/flyaway)

    I’m trying to gain a better understanding of the Level 7 bar routine: First, if DD doesn’t quite make her cast to handstand at first on low bar, but then she makes it on the high bar, does that still count? Second, she will probably do two giants on high bar (clear hip to 45 on low). I’ve...
  5. S

    Parents Peeling off the high bar

    My 9.5yr old level 5 peeled off (with one hand) the high bar in her competition yesterday on the tap swing right before her dismount. She was able to save and land a good fly away. Since then I have googled peeling off and read some scary things. I’d like to hear some experienced thoughts on...
  6. M

    WAG Connecting bar routine tips

    My DD just got officially moved up to Xcel Platinum. She has all her skills, but is still working on connecting her bar routine. Her routine is kip cast free hip kip squat on hb kip cast layout flyaway. She can connect the high bar fine, and her kip squat on is good, but she is still struggling...
  7. A

    Anon Level 9 Bar Routine Start Value

    What would be the start value of this level 9 bar routine? Kip squat on, jump to the high bar, kip cast to handstand, 1/2 pirouette to shootover, kip squat on, jump to the highbar, kip cast handstand, giant, giant, double back dismount. If it's not a 10.0 start value what is missing?
  8. B

    Coaches Do I need a free hip handstand in my level 9 bar routine?

    I'm coming from a small gym where we have never competed in DP before (I'm petitioning in) so it's been hard to understand all of the rules and requirements perfectly. Currently my bar routine is Kip, handstand, pak salto, kip, handstand 1/2 pirouette, kip, jump to high, kip, handstand, giant...
  9. N

    Coaches Xcel Gold Bar Routine

    Would a Kip, cast, double back hip circle, squat on, tap swing, tap swing flyaway fit all the requirements for xcel gold?
  10. A

    Anon Help with hiccups/toe shoot to high bar

    Hi I am a gymnast trying to learn a hiccup/ toe shoot/ Chinese sit up, whatever you want to call it. I have learnt the shooting part and my coach says I have the right timing but I’m having trouble with making my legs straight and going into straddle. I have practiced rolling through to pancake...
  11. G

    WAG How many deductions for hitting your feet on the bar?

    So recently, I competed at Level 8 and hit the bar on my double flipping dismount. Obviously, I fell but I'm curious how much they take. Is it 0.5 (Fall)+ the hit? I'm also curious about what score I could've gotten. My score was 8.4.
  12. M

    Parents Level 6 bar dismount deduction question

    What is the deduction for not doing a flyaway dismount in level 6 bars? My dd is great on bars but blocked on flyaway. TIA!
  13. Anonymous Post

    Anon Start value for level 9 bar routine

    What would the SV be on level 9 for this bar routine: Kip cast handstand pirouette Kip cast handstand to Chinese sit up (toe shoot??) Kip cast handstand Free hip handstand 2 giants Double back dismount They are taking pak out temporarily for more work/clean up.
  14. FireCaptain611

    MAG High Bar/Strap Bar Maintenance

    I'm looking for a bit of advice/assistance in understanding. My son was recently injured when he peeled off of high bar on a giant. Several other athletes have shared that the bar he was using is notoriously slippery. This is the bar that is used as a strap bar. My questions that I am...
  15. S

    Parents Uneven bar camps/ clinics

    My level 7 daughter hates bars and I was hoping to find a clinic or camp to help her with her bars, near or in NY. She used to hate beam but attended a beam camp last summer and now beam is one of her very favorite events. I’m hoping to find this for bars as well Thanks in advance
  16. Anonymous Post

    Anon Finger positioning at the bar, rip prevention and tips for giants.

    I always grab the bar with my thumbs above it. Is that dangerous or does it makes things more complicated? I always get rips, maybe because of my thumb being not there with the other fingers (more pressure?). Do you have a tips to get less rips? Or to treat them right? I always have the feeling...
  17. gymjunkie

    Coaches Bar Dismount help

    Please share positive experiences of helping a gymnast get over the fear of pulling in on a tuck double back. She had a nice one, but got injured after "pulling in." I did not see the funky dismount to know what went wrong, but it was an isolated bad one. She had no history of doing this in the...
  18. littlegirlsdream

    WAG Lvl 9 bar question

    At level 9 if the gymnasts starts with high bar and does Kip cast push away Pak will there be a deduction for not hitting a handstand? Thanks
  19. J

    WAG Xcel Diamond - Bar Dismount

    Is a B dismount (layout 1/2 twist, double, etc) required? I find this odd as a B is typically Level 9? My daughter competed Level 8 last season with a layout dismount, switched to Diamond and noticed that most of the requirements overall are more in line with Level 7/8 skills with the...