beam leaps

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nasticsISlove 72

i'm having a problem with getting my leaps on the beam higher and wider. right now i'm doing more of a puddle hop. i have wonderful, full 180 degrees, leap on the floor, but i just cant get them good on the beam.
on the low beams i take small like bathrugs that our gym has and put then on the beam so they are covering like two feet and i leap over those. and i get it like that but up on the high beam, it just doesnt work out.
any advice.


You just really have to build your confidence. My coach always tells us to 'attack' when we do leaps on beam,
Dec 8, 2007
just go for it!!! The worst that will happen is you will straddle the beam a couple times. but hey it happens to all of us!
Feb 23, 2008
hey! i had the same problem so i know wat ur going thru. if u start doing your leaps on a floor beam and doing them as big and as high as you can then move up to a taller beam and do the same thing just keep moving up beam sizes and you will get the gorgeous leap u r wanting! and wat helps alot is if you keep your head in line with the beam it will help u stay on it!
Feb 4, 2008
alot of girls do the puddle jump or little uneven leap when doing them on beam u need to think about opening both legs at one time.. like one step into a split jump


You know, the higher you leap, the longer air time you have to put your feet back on the beam in the right place. If you keep practicing, practicing, practicing huge, high, wide leaps, with lots of air time, you're gonna rock!!!


I have had the same problem with some of the girls I coach. What I did with them is I took two orange traffic cones ( we have them for games with play with the pre-schoolers) and I put them on the beam and had the girls leap over them. You can do it with anything that your can go over. I started them close together and then seperated them. It has worked for every girl so far. Also, just have confidence. You can do it. Good luck and hope i helped.
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