WAG Changing gyms! Is it worth it?

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Oct 7, 2013
Ok so ever since I started gymnastics (4years ago) I have been with my current gym and have been training and coaching with them. But for the past few months I have seriously been thinking about changing gyms to the one 2mins down the road from me. My current gym is 30mins away. I am at the gym I currently attend because they are a lot less extreme in training methods and pride themselves with bringing up respectable girls rather than working machines. My mum is fine with me changing and supports me whatever I choose. The gym I'm thinking about attending overall produces better gymnasts and is known in my state as a pretty good gym... I want to do gymnastics for me and no one else, for my benefit only. But my main question is I'm 14 so should I worry about changing gyms or just see out the rest of my gymnastics life at my current gym. I don't Evan know if the other gym would except me into there program because I'm only a 14 year old level 5? What should I do?!?!
P.s I'm from Australia but advice from anyone would be helpful
Thanks everyone xoxo <3
I am not sure about the levels in Australia, but my DD just turned 14 about 2 weeks ago and she switched gyms about 2 months ago. She is really enjoying the new gym very much but the switching was very hard. We had been at the old gym for 5 years. I guess the first step would be to contact the new gym and find out if they will accept you. If they are willing to take you, you should try a couple of practices to see if they are a good fit for you. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
I would give the new gym a shot. It produces great gymnasts and is 2 mins away. See if they will take you. Don't let your fear of being rejected because of your age stop you. And don't believe everything you hear. Oftentimes, we hear one person's experience or one person's story and take it as the truth. You should find things out for yourself. What we take from situations, relationships, life as a whole varies from person to person. Also, just because a gym works their gymnast hard, does not mean it is not a fun gym, with great girls. I find a great majority of gymnasts to be respectable, very good girls. Just because they work hard on their craft does not take away from anything.
Thanks everyone you Mae me feel so much better about changing expediently the story about the other 14 yearold girl! I'm going to get information tomorrow and to have a bit of a look! Wish me luck!!!
I would do a visit to the new gym and make sure they would accept you. then think about the reasons you want to move. If they make sense to you then go for it
Ok so here is an update I went to the new gym today and got information notes. I will probably be training level 4 there because there standards are a lot higher than my current gyms. We left our details and I'm going back next week to get tested and put onto a squad! Thanks everyone you guys gave me the confidence to go and have a look! Thanks soo much
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