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May 8, 2010
Totally random post,but today I saw a video of Kathryn Mahoney standing for the first time in 15 months and it really struck me.Here I am quite upset about my surgery and scared for the amount of rehab im going to have to go through while she had to work so hard just to stand.So while we may be down because of a setback like an injury or a skill that you're struggling with,we need to remember people like Kathryn who overcome obstacles like this.Just some food for thought:)

BTW:For all of you who dont know,Mahoney was a senior college gymnast who was paralyzed after a vault accident in December of '10.The video explains more about it.​
WLNS TV-6 "The Kathryn Mahoney Story" Part 1 - YouTube.

And the video of her standing is here:Kathryn Mahoney, 15... | Facebook
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Jun 16, 2011
Try not to worry about the amount of rehab you're going to go through after your surgery. Gymnasts are strong minded little creatures who always seem to push through and fight for what they want to get!
Here's my post surgery comeback video Stacie's scoliosis story - YouTube
I wasn't allowed to do sport for two years and was told I wouldn't do gymnastics again.
Take your time with your recovery and you'll be suprised what you can achieve :D
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Aug 15, 2008
Ahh I have scoliosis though not bad enough for surgery. The doctor always told me I can't do gymnastics ever again if it got to the point of getting surgery and rods infused though. Awesome to see that it's possible, gymnastfix! And flips123 you're right, recently I've been upset and down about all my little injuries slowing me down, but I realize how much worse it is for some and I should feel blessed. Congrats to Mahoney!
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