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  1. C

    Parents GK website issue?

    Is anyone else having trouble placing an order on the GK website? It will allow me to put items into my cart but when I went to checkout, I had to create an account, which I did. I then verified the account through my email, logged in and did the "I'm not a robot" picture test correctly. But...
  2. G

    Parents Champion brand warm up issues - zipper

    Just got my kids Champion warm up jacket. When we had GK brand the zipper would lay flat and smooth. Unzipped the Champion zipper curls and bubbles. I'll try to add a photo. Has anyone else had quality issues with Champion?
  3. A

    Anon Gym policies for students with behavioral issues

    I have a few students in an XCEL program that have behavioral issues: disrespectful to coaches and classmates, not willing to follow directions, require constant supervision. All the usual tactics don't work: having private conversations with them, yelling, sitting them out, notifying parents...
  4. C

    Parents General Issues/Questions

    After addressing issues we have with the gym our daughter trains at we wanted to reach out and ask other parents what a good gym looks like. Our daughter trains at a gym in the southeastern United States where there are only three competitive gyms within an hour drive of us. The gym she is at...
  5. superNova08

    WAG Coach Issues

    So I've had issues with this one coach at my gym for a while. Being disabled, gymnastics is slightly difficult as there are some things I simply can not do. We mainly work around this, but this coach refuses even to try. A while ago, I was on beam when my heart rate got too high, and I felt like...
  6. N

    Parents Beam issues

    Hey I’m new here and new to gym! My daughter has got into the development team at gym. She started gym 6 months ago when she was 5 (she’s 6 this month). She is brilliant at floor and vault but really poor on beam and is average at bars. She struggles with bars due to lacking upper body strength...
  7. R

    Parents Weight issues - advice needed!

    Hi all I'm new, been following this forum for a while and like the sound advice given! I have 3 daughters in gymnastics. I hope I'm allowed to post about this topic; remove it if not. Middle daughter (MD) is 13 and a level 10. She has been going through puberty this past year and her body has...
  8. R

    Parents Coach issues

    My daughter has been at the same gym for 6 yrs now, competing for 3. For the past year and a half she’s been complaining about one of the coaches being mean. We’ve talked a lot about strict vs mean and she’s a very resilient kid and has tried to power through it. Recently the complaints have...
  9. A

    Coaches Back Tumbling Issue

    I have a gymnast that is an Xcel Gold. She struggles with a block on her back tumbling off and on. We typically try to ignore it and have her do front tumbling when this happens. Looking for some possible options. First pass: Front handspring, Front tuck, Is a front pike an option for the...
  10. C

    Parents Anyone having issues with Meet Scores Online?

    My daughter had her L6 meet today. Her team was divided into 2 separate sessions. She is asking me how her teammates did in the session following hers and none of the L6 sessions have posted today. I didn’t track her meet because WiFi was spotty and I am running low on data, so I was unaware...
  11. G

    WAG Help- Backwards issues!!

    Hi My daughter is a new level 7 gymnast. She has developed a new fear of doing anything backwards- backhandspring, back layout, flyaways etc. She’s a good gymnast and would like to continue. What are her options??
  12. K

    Parents Fear issues - what would you do?

    My daughter (level 2) is cautious. She thinks through everything before she does it, and doesn't take many uncalculated risks. She loves gymnastics and has done well until recently, pushing through her fears bit by bit. It stretches her, and I usually think that's a good thing. Lately, we've had...
  13. A

    WAG Backward roll to handstand issues

    Hi I was wondering if anyone: gymnast or coach has ever had trouble learning or teaching backward roll to handstand correctly. If there are issues,what are normally the most common problems that make this skill feel impossible to do correctly? Is it more a skill that is about physical...
  14. L

    WAG Tips on fixing/working around BHS issues

    Hi, Folks, Looking for some tips/tricks (or workarounds) for my daughter. She is a thirteen-year-old level 7 (training some 8 skills but almost certainly staying in 7) who has lingering form issues in her BHS, both on floor and beam--her legs fling apart and her momentum gets sapped. She and...
  15. alongfortheride

    WAG Fear and Memory Issues

    My daughter who is 8 is training for level 3. She had the entire bar routine down and is now afraid to do a back hip circle. I literally have no idea why other than it's this weird mental block. It's not logical at all. She also still has trouble remembering the order of the floor and beam...
  16. G

    WAG Cast to Handstand Issues

    I have a press handstand from the floor and I currently do the drill where you cast-toes on- jump to handstand-fall over the bar at almost every practice. However I still feel like I'm not leaning forwards when I go for the actual cast handstand. I always push away from the bar. Any tips?
  17. T

    Parents Foot issues

    I'm about to take my 8 year old to see a foot doctor for what I think is plantar fasciitis because of all the barefoot stuff she does in gym and then is constantly in socks/bare feet in our house. When I had it, the biggest thing that helped was wearing birckenstocks around the house. Has...
  18. PaulyCraze

    Hi! I’m new here and I have a real big issue on my hands...

    I used to be able to do a roundoff backhandspring, even with two back handsprings! I competeted and was very proud of myself.. As I continued gymnastics I noticed I became weak in my roundoff backhandsprings, slowly then I lost the skill. I had to regain back my strong roundoffs and the fear of...
  19. WingingIt

    Parents Would you tell your kid? (meet scores and placement issues)

    So DD8 was in level 1 last year (at age 7). She was one of the oldest in her group. She was often the example "do it the way she does" for the younger girls. She did wonderfully at states (1st all around). That's what she remembers. Our gym does AAU at first. AAU does not give placements...
  20. G

    Parents Newer gym mama- please help me with this issue!

    Hey everyone! My oldest daughter (7) has been on a team for just over a year now and she's on level 2. I've had a hard time with some of the things the coaches do and say at the gym she goes to, but I often talk myself out of being bothered by reminding myself that I'm very much an...

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