Dani's Superbowl Meet Jan 24 2009

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Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hi guys...

I put together a video of Dani's meet. Actually after seeing the videos...she did really well!! It is interesting because I was taking pictures and videos throughout the meet and I didn't know about Dani's "run-ins" with her teammate until after the meet was over. Most of you know what I am talking about.

There is a part in this video (around 2:29) where the team is sitting together and Dani is sitting behind another friend of hers, hugging her and resting her head on her shoulder (who is a great kid and role model with an awesome attitude) and then I must have taken a picture of Dani in a very contemplative/reflective pose (2:33) (funny how you don't remember what pictures you take until you upload them). But, now, realizing what had happened at the meet between her other teammate, I think the comments that were directed towards her by her teammate after the first rotation did weigh on her mind.

Anyway, sorry for the psychological analyzation (I do have a MA in Experimental Psychology, btw :D), she did do really awesome and held her composure pretty well throughout the meet.

Here is the video:

YouTube - MDL Superbowl Gymnastics Meet 1/24/09
Feb 26, 2007
I thought she did a great job, her vault is awesome. She has come so far so quickly, so much to be proud of.

I was trying to work out which one is the bully, hard to tell when they all look so sweet.


Nice job, especially considering it was her second meet!

OK, so what exactly is experimental psychology (as opposed to non-experimental psychology)?
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Thanks Mike! Yeah, she is doing great--I keep forgetting that she just started gymnastics and that I have to give her time to develop and learn everything. She is 10 years old today, btw--double digits!!! She is so excited!!!

Experimental psychology is more research and experimentation related-numbers, statistics...the boring stuff pretty much. As opposed to Socialwork Psych and Clinical Psych which is more people oriented.


I think she is doing really good:)! She has a great vault! I actually expected the beam and floor scores to be a little higher, because I thought she did better than the score reflected. Maybe it was a tougher meet.

Sorry about the teammate issue:(. Thanks for the video, you got some priceless moments there:)!
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