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My daughter is a level 9 who was injured last year. It is a wrist injury, and it looks like she may never be able to compete bars again ( a real shame since she was regional bar champion at level 8!). Her coaches have been working with her to create floor and beam routines that don't require her to use her hands (she does a total of one round-off on floor), and she's working on possibly being able to vault again, but that's still iffy. In any case, she loves gymnastics and doesn't want to quit. What is out there for event specialists at a high level? I know USAG only allows event specialists to go up to regionals, so she would never get national exposure to college coaches that way. What are some alternatives?


Sep 13, 2007
way out West
Every year there is a "college bound" meet along with JO Nationals. Many college coaches are there. Here is a link to last year's competition.

USAIGC College Bound

There are a lot of gymnasts who don't go to JO Nationals who do college gymnastics, often on scholarship.

A lot depends on how old she is, her ability level, and her grades.
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