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Level 8 Gymnastics

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  1. E

    WAG Level 8 tumbling passes

    I'm trying to figure out what level 8 floor tumbling could look like for me. What are some possible passes that would give me full credit? And are there any pass combos that use no back tumbling? (And if that's a no, then no back twisting). Thanks!
  2. Ari1704

    Anon L8 or Platinum… should I switch?

    Hi! I am leaving 8th grade and heading to high school. Last year, I competed level 7 with four practices a week adding up to 11 hours in the gym. That worked perfectly well for me, and I would be moving up. However, practice would be five days a week adding up to 15 hours in the gym and no...
  3. pagymmom

    Parents Level 8 Regional Judging?

    Hello, My daughter just competed at L8 regionals and did well. My question is about the judging discrepancy. There are four judges at regionals (two on each side). She had drastically different scores - at what point do they need to do a judges conference. For example - on vault she had a 9.3...
  4. C

    Parents Making sense of L8 beam!

    My daughter is preparing for summer training of Level 8 and we are trying to make sense of SR and UTL for beam. She trained BHS BHS all year, but never quite got it, so if that continues how would this routine shape up BWO-BHS Round-off BWO-Gainer dismount (pike off side) Split jump- tuck 1/2...
  5. X

    Trampoline level 8

    For level 8 do you need to have a rudi or is a full ok? And what are the requirements for a level 8 routine (I tried looking at usag but it was confusing)?
  6. D

    WAG L8 to Xcel Platinum I think, maybe???

    Not ready to spill details but we may need a gym change. Suffice to say there have been changes that don’t work for us at this time. My kid is a L8/9. She will be a senior next year. Had her coaching situation been different this year, she likely could have competed 9. What’s done is done. She...
  7. W

    Parents Easier, more difficult events L8 to L9

    As a girl moves from L8 to L9, which events) would you expect her to get comfortable with and score well more quickly, and which event(s) would you expect to take her longer to master and maybe even scratch in early meets. Of course all girls are different, so we are talking generalities here...
  8. G

    WAG Level 8 Floor

    My daughter had her first level 8 meet of the season and I am trying to figure out if there are some compositional deductions she might have received for her routine or a reduction in start value? (I always forget to look at the card for SV!) When making the routine she was preparing for level...
  9. MuggleMom

    Parents Level 8 Beam series

    Can you do a handstand back tuck for your level 8 beam series? DD is returning from back fractures and beam is probably the biggest strain on her back. She did BHs tuck last year for level 8 but doing enough bhs to get comfortable with the series is too much for her back right now. Her coach...
  10. D

    WAG L8 bars ?

    If the routine was close to perfect except hitting feet on pirouette what’s the best score possible?
  11. N

    WAG Event specialist starting L8?

    Hi, I understand one can be an event specialist starting at L8 (can before as well, but not really done at L6/L7). Assuming one is not trying to get a college scholarship what are the pros and cons of this? I think it happens anyway relatively frequently as one gets to the higher levels? A...
  12. coach1234

    WAG Level 8 Bars dismount

    If a gymnasts competes the routine below, are they allowed to compete this dismount (attached) instead of a flyaway? Kip Cast H/S 1/2 turn kip squat on kip cast H/S toe circle to h/s giant x 2
  13. GymnastMomX2

    WAG USAG DP Level 8 routine questions

    Anyone know what composition / up to level deductions the following level 8 routines would have. She’s training upgrades for these routines, but as of right now this is what she’s planning to compete. Beam Tbd mount at least A level Backwalkover-bhs series Split jump + split jump Full turn Bhs...
  14. coach1234

    WAG Level 8 Floor SV

    Please can someone tell me what start value this level 8 floor routine would be? Is it a 10.0 SV and if not what can I change to make it? Does it need a 3rd tumble? FHS-FLO-FT Wolf turn switch leap - straddle jump RO BHS BLO 1.5
  15. Anonymous Post

    Anon Level 8 Floor Routine

    I am thinking about competing Level 8 this season, however, I have a hard time doing back tumbling and would feel more comfortable doing a floor routine with little to no back tumbling. I would like to compete a 3 pass routine with these skills: Round-off, back half, front tuck Front...
  16. G

    Parents Level 8 quit gymnastics

    I see so many gymnasts quit the gym at the level 8 . What reasons for quitting? I am very curious level 8 already high level, why they quit gymnastics. It is because of high school , too much work? It is not worth it investing too much time and money for the sport?
  17. G

    Coaches Level 8/9/10 beam coaching

    My daughter just moved to a new gym for over one year now. I am not gymnastics coach and don’t know how specifically beam coach help optional gymnasts. We have a beam coach . We observed for over one year. We only see the coach just watching the gymnasts , not providing any instructions. I am...
  18. S

    WAG Level 8 floor

    Hi! I am wondering if someone can help me understand composition deductions for 8 floor? My daughter may compete FH front Full for pass 1 and then FT RO BLO for pass two and then FH FLO for pass three. Does this meet the composition requirements for the tumbling? Thank you!
  19. G

    WAG Level 8 Front Giant

    Can a Level 8 use a front giant in their bar routine? If so, how would you compose the routine?
  20. G

    Coaches Level 8 Front Giant

    Can a Level 8 use a front giant in their bar routine? If so, how would you compose the routine?