WAG FIG Q&A on 2020

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Aug 22, 2013

It's possible my brain is misfiring.... can someone please explain these two items from the Q&A. The second one doesn't make sense to me... Doesn't the country still select the specialists spots for the 6 they would bring?

Q: Are the Olympic places gained at the World Cups nominative?

A: No. The places gained through the World Cups will be gained for the National Federation, who will then be able to nominate a gymnast to take the spot

Q: Gymnasts who qualify through the World Cups will be competing all the time during the spring of the Olympic year, while gymnasts who will be selected for the team competition won't have to compete as much. Isn't that unfair?

A: These gymnasts will also be spared from having to endure their country's rigorous team selection process, which usually takes place in early summer several weeks before the Games begin and can lead to injury or burnout or both. The individual qualifiers won't have to deal with this stress right before the Games and will be able to profit from a longer preparation time. It's a trade-off
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