WAG Finished their first women's USAG meet...

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Jan 27, 2013
My girls had their first competition on Saturday (levels 2 and 3). Last year they both competed AAU and their brother has done 2 years of Men's USAG.

Overall the meet was a good meet to start the year. Only our team and one other team. Scores were in general low; but I think that it was a great chance for the girls to see what they really need to work on before the season kicks off in full force in 3 weeks. One of the high points was that my level 2 DD got her first ever unspotted mill circle during the competition! The coach went to guide her that last bit; but she got up all on her own before the coach touched her. She was soooo excited. :D

Both girls placed pretty well (a few 2nd places between them, some 3rds and a 3rd and 4th for AA). Both sped way, way, way too fast through their floor routines. My level 2 finished soooo far before the music and was just standing there in the end pose. I asked her what she was thinking during that time and she said, "I was thinking, oops, I finished REALLY early. I bet I'm getting a really low score on this!" :)

One thing that seemed really different from other meets that I have been to was that first of all, there WERE 2 judges per event. I guess for mens' (at least lower level) and lower AAU levels they only need 1? But anyway, there were 2 judges and they actually put up BOTH judges' scores and then averaged them and showed the final score. Is this normal? Will they always show both scores, or will it normally be just the final score that they show? I found it very interesting to see that sometimes both judges came up with the exact same scores; but there were some that I saw come up that were .8 off from each other, which seems kind of crazy.
Sounds like a great first meet! I believe 2 judges are required for levels 4 and up, so if higher levels were competing at the meet they may have just decided to have both judges there for the whole meet. I suppose it could be different in your state/region, but I think usually you will just see the averaged score. I have been to one meet that I can remember where both scores were displayed and a few where both scores were written on the score card DD brought home with her. I think if there is a big score discrepancy, the two judges have to discuss and come closer together, but maybe that's just college gym? I'm sure someone on this site knows better than I do. Regardless, congrats to both your girls!
How fun! Your girls did great! We have always had 2 judge's at each event here and only see the average score but most of the time both scores have been written on the score cards.
Do the parents normally see the score cards? With DS going into his 3rd year and the girls having done last year (AAU), I have never seen a score card...
I also have L2 and L3 girls!!! Congrats on a great first meet!!! Especially the mill circle. My L2 is soooo close!! My older DD did XCel last year and there were always 2 judges and we got a score card. That may have been because there were higher levels at the meet. We have our in house mock meet next Sun!!
At a lot of meets DD gets a card or a half sheet of paper with the meet logo on it and her scores, sometimes her places too. I think it's more of a souvineer than ny sort of official document.
great job! Agree with Mary...two judges aren't required till level 4, but if there were higher levels at the meet, that would explain it. I have never seen two scores "displayed," but they are usually on the score card the girls receive. Our girls get the cards after their coach records them...she hands them out later in practice.
How were the scores displayed? I have seen individual judges' scores displayed on some electronic scoring systems with a video board, but that is the only way.
The displaying of scores, other than by a score flasher sitting by the judges, is determined by the scoring software in use at the particular meet. Just as info, there are two main packages: ProScore and ScoreMaster. Colleges may use others, but the biggest USAG meets mostly use ProScore. Depending on how the meet director configures the system, you will see just the final average score or you will see the score of each judge across the bottom of the screen when the athlete's score is flashed. If the score is flashed via those scrolling led box things, you will not see the judges scores, just the final average. Both ProScore and ScoreMaster have the ability to output to large screen displays or video projectors.
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It was the red little LED type light boards, which is what we have at I'd say 95% of the meets that we go to. One gym does a projector screen. I have been to one meet where some of their light boards weren't working, so they had to hold up signs for 2 of the boys events (they only had 4 boards, I assume 2 weren't working since the year before that meet had had all 6 light boards).
that is awesome! So glad they had a good meet :) I love that she got the mill circle for the first time in a meet!! WOW.

As for the lights....nice! We have ONE meet that we go to here that has displays. the rest of the time it is a 10 year old with a sign...
Congratulations on a great first meet, so exciting to hear about some gymmies' seasons starting!
in my experience most comps only flash the averaged score but more often than not we get a score card that shows both judges scores usually back at the gym a few days after the competition is over. As for the boys, unfortunately most have only 1 judge per event and a couple of times the judges had to switch events since there were not enough judges to score all events simultaneously. THAT makes for a loooonngg meet!!
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Hey everyone,
I hope you don't mind me picking your brain but I found your convo interesting. I am actually building a competition management software that would allow parents to view a feed of a competition's scores as they come in on their mobile devices.

In addition to that they could purchase 'shout outs'. Those are supportive messages that would show up on a competitions digital score boards that would help pump up an athlete before an event.

I am curious as to what your thought are. Are those two things that would be appealing to you? Would you like to able to view scores in real time on your phone? Is there anything else you wish you could do at a meet or follow along at a competition in real time.

PS: If you are a hosting a competition I would love to talk to you.
Matt, there is software like this that we use at our meets.... Beyond the Scores. It is the scoring software for the judges, available on apps, etc.
I would love to hear about those do you have the names? I am always curious and haven't found any like that yet.

Matt, there is software like this that we use at our meets.... Beyond the Scores. It is the scoring software for the judges, available on apps, etc.
A lot of the boys' meets in our area use something and upload to meetscoresonline.com by the end of each rotation, so you can keep up with all of the scores as you go. I love it for the boys and wish that it were done for the girls!
For our home meet we borrow 4 large flat screen TVs from a local department store. We have a tech guy with the scoring software who sets everything up and does the scores during the meet. Then the next day he posts them to a meet score website. We only display the average score.
The "Beyond the Scores" software is linked to the iPads the judges use, and it is posted pretty much instantaneously as long as you have the app. You get both scores, the average, it updates rankings as they go, etc. some families love it, others do not.

We had a general rule with DD that at championships (she was too young to compete) she wouldn't tell her friends how they did, as that would spoil their excitement. I think alot of families did that. some families chose NOT to look at it, as while they could see the scores posted at the different screens at each event, they didn't want to know if Suzie came in third or 17th until the actual awards ceremony.
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