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Dec 29, 2021
Hi everyone! This is my daughter's second year of competing. She lost a bobby pin at the end of her floor routine and picked it up before saluting. She is only a level 2. Would she get a deduction for that? We are still new to scoring and what not. My thought was to salute then pick up the Bobby pin but I don't know if that's correct. Thanks for the input!
It's called presenting and yes she should have done it first but I wouldn't worry. A deduction is rarely taken, little ones forget all the time.
I cant tell you how many times in level 3 the girl would start walking back after her first vault to do her second and you see the coach running after her telling her to salute lol. It happens a lot with the younger kids and as others have said I think they wont take any deductions for it as long as they eventually salute. Usually the judges are chuckling along with the coaches when that happens,.
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