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  1. F

    WAG Two pass routines (recently on Inside gym and MyKayla Skinners insta)

    So, I just saw a post with Mykayla Skinner recently stating how she hates two pass in a routine. Basically saying its gymnastics not dance. Inside Gymnastics reposted it more or less agreeing. I was reading a lot of the comments replying to that and it seems like a mixed bag or replies. I tend...
  2. D

    WAG two pass floor routine question

    A quick question for those in the know. My daughter has an E pass and a D +A pass at the end of routine. Can both passes be in the same corner or does she have to have one in a different corner? Thanks
  3. G

    Parents Double full on floor

    Looking for some floor help! DD's coach wants her to either do the double full or double back this year, and is saying they are both D's, however I thought a double full is a C and a double back is a D, just wanting some clarification.
  4. M

    Coaches Spring floor diagram for 4x8 panels (mostly)

    We are opening a new preschool/rec gym soon and we have a secondhand floor to assemble. It is in stacks of boards, some with the spring "cups" and some without. And, the board sizes vary! Most are 4'x8' plywood, with a smaller number that are 4'x6' or 3'x8 and even a couple 4'x7'. All the...
  5. P

    Parents Level 6 Floor question

    My daughter is in JO Level 6, long story short she struggles with backwards connected passes. It was suggested she just do front passes for her floor which she can do really easily. One of her coaches said there is a .5 deduction for not doing backwards passes and another coach said the rule had...
  6. pandaamiko

    WAG Floor routine but gymnast is shy

    Gymnast is shy and doesn’t like to show off routine because she thinks it’s awkward. Should she choose a slow/classical music so it doesn’t draw much attention and isn’t dramatic or should she choose energetic music that she liked but has to work on her showing it off and performing well? Are...
  7. pandaamiko

    WAG Floor music

    First year picking floor music and daughter really liked telephone by lady Gaga. We have never watched or listened to her songs so she just likes the beat and rhythm but many adults would probably recognize it. Would it be inappropriate to use that song for her floor music?
  8. Nugtastic

    Coaches Hoping I can get some advice on choreography for a floor routine

    I’m hoping this is like “allowed” or whatnot but my dancer/gymnast friend and I choreographed an Xcel Silver floor routine. We just had our first meet & as much as I am proud of them floor did not go as well as i’d hoped. The girls love their routine and so do I, but i’m not sure if the...
  9. MILgymFAM

    Parents Cut/create floor music

    Hello! My daughter is creating a new routine for Oxford this year and wants to use a particular song- Everlong by The Foo Fighters- but it doesn’t seem to be on any of the gym music sites. Does anyone cut music or know how and can give some guidance? Thank you!
  10. M

    WAG Michelle Pineda's Floor music

    Does anyone know the name of this music?
  11. G

    Gymnasts Upbeat floor music

    hey so I’m looking for a floor music that’s upbeat and sassy. I love showing off my floor routine and making it super dances. I was trying to look for some of the newer floor musics but I find most of them to either feel too immature or they are salsa or super serious. I am 17 so I want...
  12. G

    WAG Creative floor routines!

    Just a fun thread: what are some unique and creative floor routines that you have enjoyed watching? From Classics I loved Nola Matthews' creepy floor. Some of the Juniors have had interesting choreography too (Ella Kate Parker and Cora Burke's had unique music choices and felt unexpected...
  13. gymnasticky

    WAG Xcel silver floor - running entry into aerial?

    For Xcel silver floor, it seems like an aerial can be used to satisfy the flight skill pass. I am wondering whether it matters how the gymnast enters into the aerial. For example, does it matter if they have a running start, a short hurdle, or do a standing aerial? Does the entry into the aerial...
  14. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic Floor music choices

    So I have to give my coach my top five options. I’m not sure what order to put these 5 in but I know that these are my top five. this is not in my order just this is my list. lip gloss and anaconda - https://www.salutemusic.com/products/anaconda-lip-gloss-mashup (pls do not judge me for this...
  15. M

    Parents Floor music

    Since it’s been kind of slow here.. My daughter needs new floor music this season. She has no idea what she wants, other than not jazz/big band because that’s what she’s always had and she’s “sick of it”. :D She’s 15 and level 10, so not looking for cutesy. But she’s not super powerful, or...
  16. Gymnast2009

    WAG Custom floor music

    I need floor Music and I need a custom cut as I cannot find the song I want. I would like the the Lindsay stirling greatest showman medley but with it starting with a million dreams and having some rewrite the stars in there. Never enough is fine too but I want mainly a million dreams and...
  17. G

    WAG Floor music

    If I wanna do a contemporary style floor routine, is it okay to choose like slow dramatic music? Or do judges prefer upbeat happy music? (For xcel)
  18. A

    Anon Tips for picking floor music

    Hi, I am trying to pick out my floor music for my floor routine (I get to keep it for 2 seasons). I have narrowed my options down to 6 but trying to narrow it down to around only 1-3 options. Is there ways I can help me decide and make it easier to choose one that I will like to compete and...
  19. Gymnast2009

    Parents Floor routine music/choreography

    So I need to pick out a floor music for excel gold and I have to get it from jumptwist music but there are so many choices. I also really like the song A Million Dreams as I am sure many do lol. But I do not see that in the catalog. I know I can get a custom cut for a song but thats expensive...
  20. Gymnast2009

    WAG Punch front or front tuck on floor

    I am having trouble with landing a punch front or a front tuck on floor. I need for my gold pass but I always land on my butt. How can I get a more powerful punch or run or get more height or something? I have really good on tumble track and stick it most of the time but when I try to do it even...