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Proud Parent
Nov 25, 2016
My level 7 has developed a strange problem with letting go too early on flyaways. It happened the week after regionals. She just goes really far and suddenly can't seem to figure out how to let go at the right time. Help please! Are there any drills she could do, things she could tell herself any tips are greatly appreciated :)


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Proud Parent
Jan 24, 2013
Leave it to the coaches. It’s not unusual for gymnasts to suddenly start having problems with a skill or even lose a skill. The coach will know what to do. Acknowledge your DDs frustration, assure her that this happens to gymnasts and give her a hug.


Proud Parent
Nov 18, 2011
Region 7
Flyaways can be pretty finicky and your daughter's problem is quite common. With time and patience, the coaches should be able to resolve it.
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Proud Parent
Oct 7, 2015
This has been my daughter's problem for more than a year now. My friend who coaches at the gym says she can hear her "ping" off the bars when she lets go. She's scared she'll hit her feet and since they switched her from tuck to pike dismount the flyaway went to hell. She's had a nice long break now doing L6 with an underswing dismount and is just getting back to the flyaway now that her season is done. It just takes time and patience on everyone's part...coaches, kid and parents :)
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