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How long is too long to hold a handstand? My dd is a Level 4 and last night at the end of practice they split them up into 2 groups ~ one went to the ropes, the other to "the wall" where they had to hold their handstands, with their bellies facing the wall, for a minute. Well, it was actually more than a minute because the coach took her good old time counting, with some chatter in between. The did this 3 times.:eek: Is it me or is that a bit extreme? I was concerned but didn't know if this is a normal drill or not. Thanks!
We do a lot of those handstands against the wall with belly's in. My level 4's are currently up to a minute and a half. However, we didn't start with that, we started with 30 seconds and gradually worked it up over the summer. It really is an awesome drill and a great conditioning station as well. I know of many gyms in my area that have been doing this drill for years now, and you can really see the difference in the girls and their handstands. You can never do enough handstand work.
Like I said in the other thread, the handstand is the base on which the entire sport is built. You can never do them too much.
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