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May 17, 2007
California, MD
After a serious fall on the beam that left my dd injured, shaken and ready to quit, her coach offered her several choices to stay rather than just quit. She wanted rythmic gymnastics but he doesn't offer it right now, maybe next year with his wife as the coach. So he offered her to stay L7 and not compete until her confidence returned (she said no), cheerleading because their coach was watching her and wanted her for a tumbler (no again with mom's approval) and then finally Tramp/Tumble. She has made the transition to Tramp/Tumble and loves it! Her fear is gone and the strength from the floor and vault have made her one of the strongest trampolineers in our gym! :) She dragged her older brother with her to open gym one Saturday, now he's hooked and on the team as well. :D He's a former gymnast but not competitive.

We had no idea this one change would change 2 kids lives! We were thrilled!!!

They tell me the competitions for t/t are like a 3-ringed circus. You compete against your age in each section and can compete different levels in each section. You can change levels mid year with no problem, coach just has to submit the paperwork and it's done!

This year should be interesting with 2 in competition now. What a whirlwind of a ride for their parents! :eek: :)


Gold Membership
Feb 26, 2007
I am so glad something great came from something so scary. I was also glad to hear that the coaches were so supportive of her need to change gears.

It sounds like T&T is crazier that WAG, I am sure your kids are having a blast.


That really is great that the coaches gave her options like that. I think T&T looks like so much fun. That is definitely something I would have looked into for my dd if there was something closer.


Good for her to stay in the general sport. Glad she loves it and I hope she has a great time.:)


Proud Parent
Aug 16, 2008
Cool! That sounds like a perfect decision for her!! Our gym just started a T&T team, too. I'll be interested to see how your kids do! My dd is scared to death of all that flipping and doesnt want to do it...yet!

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