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At my last gym, I was on the tumble track doing front tucks onto the mat and I kept landing too close to the edge of the mat. My coach said I was gonna fall backwards onto the track if I couldn't make my tuck higher and longer. I tried many many times and I still couldn't get it. How do I fix that???



Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
This drill really helped me...
Hold a foam block (like, from the pit) and while you are setting into your front tuck throw it. So when you are jumping up, throw the block over your head in front of you. If the block goes straight down, you did it wrong. And if the block goes straight up, you did a good front tuck :) I hope this makes since!
if it doesn't, feel free to private message me and i will help you the best i can!
The problem I most consistently see with front tucks is that the gymnast looks down. This makes the flip go down and often makes it stay in one place. You don't want a front tuck to travel forward much, but when done properly, they do travel some. As you are running and jumping for the punch, spot something out in front of you that is higher than you. This will help you keep your head (and chest) up. I assume your coaches have had you do punches up onto the mat. If not, you need to do a bunch of those. Run down, punch and land on top of a mat with straight legs. The mat needs to be at least 18" higher than where you are punching from. Throwing the block that gymfan mentioned works really well with this drill.


If you have done dive rolls, think about the beginning of one. You jump very high and somewhat forward. When you start your front tuck, imagine stretching forward and out, and then tuck quickly. If you have enough air from your jump and a tight tuck, you can make it AND go far enough.
Jul 21, 2009
~In the gym
If you're having trouble with any skill, I find it helps best to break it down and then work your way up again. Since you need to be higher, try practicing really high sets. hope that helps.:)
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