Great Gyms in Baltimore area?

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I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a really good competition gym in the Baltimore area. I may have to relocate for 6 weeks this summer to Johns Hopkins for radiation, and my girls want to come with me. I know they would be bored if they couldn't continue their training. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
I'm originally from that area so have a few ideas.
Rebounders in Timonium is a good gym. Lots of conditioning work which can sometimes be brutal to those not used to it, TOPs type stuff. But the coaches are great. I trained here at the end of my gymnastics career and wish I had been there the whole time. They currently have up to level 9 gymnasts. They also have an MDL team for more laid back competitive gymnastics with a really great coach. This is the only gym in the area I know a good amount of details about, but I know the names of a few others.

Baltimore County Gymnastics in White Marsh. About the only thing I know about this gym is that they landed at least one girl a college scholarship.

United Gymnastix in Reisterstown. I had a teammate who left this gym, but I don't really know the reasons why. She was the only one though, so I assume there are no serious problems.

There is also Towson University which has two camps in late June/early July that might be fun for your girls.
Towson Summer Sports Camps - Camp Details - powered by RegOnline There is the website for that.

Those are the only gyms I know of in the immediate Baltimore area, but there are some others as you move farther away from the city, so it depends on where you would be living.
Hope that helps a little! If you have any more questions I would be happy to try to answer them!
I am in the Baltimore Area.

If you let me know what levels (and ages) your girls are, I might be able to make recommendations to you.

What area will you be staying in?
I don't know yet where I (we) will be staying. I have to go for daily radiation treatments at Johns Hopkins for six weeks, so not too far away from the city.

My daughters are currently levels 6, 4, and Prep-Op. I expect that they would be training levels 7, 6, and 5 this summer.

Don't know anything about MD gyms...but I hope you are doing ok! What a mom! Facing radiation treatments...but worried about finding a gym for your DD's! Wishing you good health! Hope everything goes well for you!
Thanks. I've been dealing with this brain tumor for awhile now. I had a craniotomy at Johns Hopkins in 2005. Now that the tumor is re-growing, I'm looking at radiation to stop (or slow down) the growth. I actually enjoy having to think about "gymnastics stuff" because it takes my mind off worrying about other things :)!
I have a close friend that went through treatments for a brain tumor a few years back and I just wanted let you know your in my thoughts! I hope the radiation works, it did for him at the time.

I dont live near baltimore so I cant help with the gyms, just wanted to send some happy thoughts your way.....the gymnastics camp would be fun and you wouldnt have to worry about shorter practices and driving them everywhere. It will give you some you time!
One of my old coaches works at Docksiders (Anne Arundel, suburban area outside Baltimore, although I don't know how close it is...probably about as close as Top Flight though). Great guy, great coach. They have a very strong girl's team. I have to assume it's a pretty good program because he has worked there with no issues for years now.
I'd be happy to help you when you know more. It may depend on where you end of staying. John Hopkins is on the other side of the Harbor Tunnel (toll road) and many of the gyms, included Docksiders, AllPro, Columbia, Top Flight, are on the other. Baltimore County would be on the same side of the tunnel. You can check gyms out at If you are looking for days, Towson University offers a camp, as does the University of Maryland called Gymkana Gymkana - Soar Above the Influence When you have more information, let me know and I'll do whatever to help you out.
I have no idea about gyms, but wanted to send you my prayers for recovery.
Just got into this thread, Bigtiny, sending you all my warmiest thoughts. Taking the girls with you is a great idea, my friend relocated from here to Portland, Maine to do her radiation therapy, she said having her kids there made all the difference in the world to her.

You know your Chalkbucket friends will be right there with you too.

Oh my, bigtiny, I just read your first post. I am so sorry you are dealing w/ this. :(How rough. Hang in there and know that our thoughts & prayers are with you and your family. Keep us posted on how you are doing and if you figure out where to send your girls to gym. (((((((((((HUGS!!!))))))))))) :eek:
Hey BigTiny,

I just read through this post as well. Like many others I am not familiar with gyms in the Baltimore area but I do want to send my thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.

I cannot imagine having to go through all that. I think it is great that you want to take your kids and are trying to find a gym for them to work out in.

(((((( HUGS ))))))
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