Gym birthday parties?

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Sep 23, 2009
I am wondering how many other gyms offer birthday parties. How do they run at your gym? Typically what ages? What kind of games are played? How many kids? cost etc.


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Mar 6, 2009
Hi, Birthday parties at gyms are big here . . .

We've been to a lot - at different gyms - at different ages . . .

Most operate like the gyms typical recreational class

then they add something like a blow up, dance games (similar to what you would see a DJ do at a block party), parachute (for younger age set ), birthday kid gets to "fly" if the gym has a harness

They usually run 2 hours.

1.5 hours in the gym and the last .5 hour in a party room for pizza & cake. Never been to a party where the kids go back in after eating (no surprise there LOL)

Costs are based on 15 kids + birthday kid. additional kids cost ya anywhere between 10 - 15 bucks (I think one place actually asked for more!) For how much to charge . . . you should place some discreet calls to other party places (not just gyms) in your area . . . get an idea of what your area expects to pay

Does that help?:D

oh ages! . . . been to one as young as 2 and as old as 10


Ours has done it for years--you get an hour in the gym--typically they set up an obstacle course that the kids run for some of the time, then it's just an open gym. Then you get an hour in the party room--for cake and presents.

My girls have had parties there from age 3 to age 10 and everything always seems to have a blast.


I am wondering how many other gyms offer birthday parties. How do they run at your gym? Typically what ages? What kind of games are played? How many kids? cost etc.

I think all the gyms in the area offer B-day parties.

Ours have different prices depending on how many kids

$125 - 10 or less
$175 - 11-15
$225 - 15 - 20
$275 - 20 - 25
$40 if you want to rent their Maze (its a blow up thing like those bouncers)

they get 90 min in the gym 30 min for party and 60 min for gym area.
You can add an extra 30 min for an extra fee but I'm not sure what that is.

They get the staff, a t-shirt for the B-day kid, a drink for all kids, and organized games in the gym. Games are different depending on the age average age of the kids.


Oct 22, 2007
We have birthday parties at the gym where I coach.
The cost is "A $20 non refundable booking fee must be paid to secure your date and the cost is $12 per child on the day of the party."
I think the minimum is 10 and max is 24. and they are for ages 5-12, boys and girls.

The parties go for 2 hours. Coaches pick the kids up from the party room at the start and take them up to the gym. We do a game to warm-up (usually musical statues etc) and then some quick stretches. After that we break up in to groups and do about 10 minutes each on bars, beam and mini-tramp. We just have them do basic skills such as walking with bean bags on the head, swinging on bars, various jumps on the tramp etc.
at the hour mark we take them back down to the party room for party food for about 15-20 minutes.
When they go back up into the gym we do another game, e.g relay races and then break back up into groups. This time we do ropes - cross the river game, rings- mostly swinging and try and kick a balloon or a cylinder and maybe some basic skills and either mini tramp again or an obstacle course on floor.
during the last 10 minutes we take them back down to the party room and they have cake and sing happy birthday etc.


Mar 29, 2009
North Carolina
Our gym has had birthday parties ever since it opened, i think. Mostly the younger kids have them (ages 3 or 4 to 8, at the oldest), but i don't think there is an age limit. What we do is the party's coach instructs a few cute games for about 30 minutes, and them everyone goes upstairs to the "party area".
They sing happy birthday, eat cake, and open presents. While opening presents, the coach will right down everyones name and what the brought the birthday girl/boy, to make thank-you cards a lot easier!
After that, they have about another 30 minutes of free time.
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