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Jul 12, 2007
How is your gym structured ie, how does your gym manage team and rec programs together? Are your team coaches considered the head coaches? Is your owner the head coach? Is there a schedule in place to manage who gets to work on equipment at a certain time?


Jan 31, 2008
Region 5
Our owners are the head coaches. Our team has a side of the gym, and the rec/boys have a side of the gym for the most part. The team runs on a schedule with all groups warming up and stretching together and then doing each event each day. Our coaches stay on an event and the kids rotate around us.


Aug 29, 2007
Our owner really has nothing to do with team. And we would perfer to keep it that way. We do have a head coach (who is the only full timer) and then part time team coaches. Our team shares the gym with rec and the boys and it can get crazy at times. But usually around 6ish the gym is pretty much ours along with the boys. Our owner is looking to build a new gym and we have insisted that the boys and girls team get our own side. That way he can run more preschool and rec classes at the same time.


Proud Parent
May 11, 2007
Pacific NW
At my kids' gym, the gym owner used to coach, but doesn't anymore. There is a girls' team director, a head optional coach and a head compulsory coach for the girls. Boys' team had a director and two other coaches who are senior coaches, but I don't think anyone has the "head coach" title. There are always multiple rec classes and team workouts going on at once and they do have some kind of rotation schedule that determines who gets which equipment when.

gym law mom

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Dec 23, 2006
We technically have 3 owners although the % of ownership is not equal. The "head" owner actually was given the gym by her parents who started it about 25 yrs ago. She teaches a few rec classes, but most of her time is on the business side of things. One other coaches L6 and does alot of coordinating with the rec program and the 3rd is the team director and oversees all the team programs from pre-team on up. He also coaches the L8s and up.
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