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May 3, 2019
DD is level 7 and decided she wants to switch gyms. Her season just ended and we had planned to start contacting gyms right away.

The problem is she just injured her foot and is currently in a boot. Nothing too serious but it will be several weeks before she will be back tumbling. We don't want to wait too long to start this process. Not sure how to arrange a tryout/trial if she can't do any skills.

Has anyone here been in a similar situation? How did you proceed?
My daughter changed gyms while recovering from a fractured back.
If she has a record, such as scores on Mymeetscores etc or some film to show them it helps.
If the gym you are applying to does not see it as a problem. To me, this would be a sign that this gym is one to consider.
If you have any video of recent meets you could send a link to it when you contact them.
I highly recommend, if she wants to switch, that you start as soon as possible. Two stories: One is my girl. We knew she was hurting but didn't know that it was "important". She didn't complain much, just said it hurt sometimes (she was trying to hide it so that she could keep competing). She was accepted to her new gym and, the same day or the day before, got diagnoses of injuries that meant conditioning and trampoline only. She spent over 2 months pretty much just conditioning and practicing twists at the new gym. I know it was frustrating to everyone and not ideal, but it gave her a chance to watch the practices and learn the culture of the gym before she fully joined in. If your girl is going to be on the injured list, she could at least be benefiting in that way. Additionally, she could start training bars with them sooner! They'll want to change things.. what a great time to get started on that! Maybe even work bars upgrades. Second story: We had a friend who decided to wait until the injury resolved.. by the time it did (and a reinjury before they could switch and more time off), the environment of that old gym had worn her down. It's not fun to be injured, and to be 1) injured knowing that you're not sticking around and 2) what you are doing is not really taking you closer to your goal? That's hard. I really believe that if friend had switched sooner, she would have continued rather than quitting to move to a different sport. Granted, that's an extreme example.. but think about your girl's mindset. If she wants to go, start talking to gyms. I guarantee it's not the first time they've had this situation. With videos, scores, bars, and just watching how she interacts with the coaches/girls etc.. how she acts when injured? I'd think that would be a great indicator to a coaching team of what your girl is really like.
Thanks everyone for your input and for those who shared their experiences.

Confirms what I was thinking which is to proceed as planned and start the process now. She's already made the decision to leave and is ready to get on with it. It would also be nice for her to be settled into her new gym before summer training begins.
My dd switched gyms while on crutches. She started training at the new gym while injured and they just let us wait a couple of weeks to fully commit while the gym and dd got to know each other. They said it was actually the perfect time to switch gyms -- no pressure to showcase skills and plenty of time to ease into the new situation, She as level 8/9 when she switched.
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