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  1. G

    Parents To switch or not to switch?

    We are currently at a gym my DD absolutely loves. She just competed level 4 last season and did extremely well. She was a small fraction, like so minuscule off of winning states. She was recognized by the gym for how well she did and how hard she works. That being said I talked to the head...
  2. Ari1704

    Anon L8 or Platinum… should I switch?

    Hi! I am leaving 8th grade and heading to high school. Last year, I competed level 7 with four practices a week adding up to 11 hours in the gym. That worked perfectly well for me, and I would be moving up. However, practice would be five days a week adding up to 15 hours in the gym and no...
  3. Trying_to_tumble

    WAG Switch to Tumbling or keep doing gymnastics?

    So for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking (thinking, not really considering) about switching to trampoline and tumbling in March or April. I really, really love gymnastics but only bars and floor. Vault, for me, is kind of ‘meh’ and if all the beams in the world burnt down I wouldn’t shed a...
  4. G

    Parents Too many hours (gymnastics) / switch sports

    My 11 year dd complaints about the too many hours gym practice, and even she consider switch sports with less hours. Right now 25 hours / week level 6. Is it too much? And Her school has lots of homework.
  5. Anonymous Post

    Anon Why switch to Yurchenko?

    DD is competing a tsuk pike this season for l8 and is a strong vaulter. Comp season starts soon, and her coach is talking about having her switch to a yurchenko, which she's not as good at. She feels her tsuk will score really well and isn't excited about making a switch for this season. Is...
  6. G

    Parents Concerns - should we switch gyms?

    Struggling with deciding whether or not to switch gyms. My daughter is on level 3 (age 8 - almost 9). The overall energy at our gym is pretty negative and draining for all. In general, the coaches seem very uninterested, the parents (who I desperately try to avoid) are constantly gossiping and...
  7. Anonymous Post

    Anon Making a gym switch.

    Hello and thank you all for your advice. My daughter is a level 6/7. Practicing 20 hours a week. Her one coach is leaving, which happens to be the her favorite event. The gym did not find another coach yet. She wants to make a move to another gym. As a parent I am concerned for several reasons...
  8. G

    Parents Should I continue to push dd to switch gym—-level 9 — incoming high schooler— goal : college team

    My daughter not willing to change her gym. Any suggestions? I talked to my daughter, 13 year old . She is training level 9. However her gym is small , has no pit . Not so many level 10 kids . There are only around 7-8 level 9 and level 10. Last season , the scores of last year are not high ...
  9. G

    Parents So hard to switch team

    I feel so frustrated that My daughter , a level 9 , always resisted to change team . Especially we recently changed team a little more often because of COVID and Her original team was dismissed. We are in a small gym without pit with more hours and optional experience. But I feel the coach...
  10. annakat

    WAG Switch leap

    Anyone have tops for a straighter back leg in switch leaps?
  11. R

    Parents Switch gyms to be a part of a bigger team?

    My daughter just turned 8 and is finishing up her first year of competitive gymnastics. She competed Xcel Bronze, with three other girls on her Bronze team. One of the girls is age 9 and the other two are age 12, so in middle school and much "cooler" than the younger girls. At our gym, Xcel...
  12. L

    Parents Switch from Xcel To JO

    Currently my DD is competing Xcel gold. She has all her skills for platinum , but wants to switch to JO. Do you have to do level 4 or can you skip it and possibly go to 5? She wanted me to ask this but I’m almost positive she has to compete level 4. Thanks.
  13. C

    Parents Switch from Xcel Silver to JO?

    Like many gymnasts, my 7 yo has high aspirations for her gymnastics career (college and beyond). She has also been talking about wanting to switch to the JO team since last year, when she was on Xcel Bronze and saw the JO team practicing in the gym. On Xcel Silver this year, she has placed 2nd...
  14. Avasmom

    Parents Possible switch to cheer

    My daughter turned 13 in October and her world is changing. Her friend group is basically divided right down the line. One set of friends play volleyball and the other does cheer. This year she has watched as each group grew closer and she grew apart from them. School is different too. She only...
  15. G

    Parents Switch from artistic to rhythmic?????

    Did anyones kiddo switch to rhythmic? How did it pan out. DD is 9 and thinking she may want to make the switch. She is super flexible and Im told she has naturally pretty lines. But rhythmic seems to require alot of focus. She is aware that she may not be able to compete right away. But she...
  16. C

    Parents Gym Switch While Injured

    DD is level 7 and decided she wants to switch gyms. Her season just ended and we had planned to start contacting gyms right away. The problem is she just injured her foot and is currently in a boot. Nothing too serious but it will be several weeks before she will be back tumbling. We don't want...
  17. M

    Parents The Dreaded Gym Switch! HELP!!!!

    DD is on a compulsory team-TAAF (like AAU) Gym didn't do USAG this year but will next. Some coaches got fired, there was a change of coaching philosophies and they bumped DD down in October w/ 2 other younger girls. My dd issue they say was lacking 2 bar skills for her level. Their 1st comp is...
  18. A

    Parents Parents shut out - switch gyms?

    My daughter is a JO level 3 at a top gym in our area. She loves her gym and coaches, so we follow that lead. There's a disturbing pattern of lip service to parents, though, and I don't know how big of a red flag that should be. Over the summer, several parents were concerned about a particularly...
  19. N

    Parents Should we switch gyms?

    Hi parents! I’m new here and would like some opinions. My daughter is 5 and has been doing gymnastics for 2 years now. She started off in a preschool rec class, but a year ago received an invite to a special program at her gym. She has been doing this program for almost one year now. The goal is...
  20. R

    Parents Gym switch

    DD tried out a new gym this week and is officially moving. There were so many red flags and disturbing rumors about the old gym, but for quite a while I kept thinking things were ok and my daughter wasn't being affected by the toxic environment. Over the last few weeks she's been sharing more...

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