Gynmastics or Cheerleading

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I have been in gymnastics for 8 years. I am 17 years old and a level 7. I am a junior in high school right now. I did cheerleading my freshmen year of high school and loved it! I missed being in the gym though so I went back to gymnastics. I am obvisouly not going to be doing gymnastics in college but I do want to do cheerleading. I can throw a ton of things in tumbling and I have talked to colleges and they would love me for cheerleading but I need some more high school experience. I am stuck betweeen finishing this season of gymnastics, which ends in March, and doing cheerleading my senior year of school.(tryout are end of March.) coincidence? What are your guys thoughts and me doing doing cheerleading? I love both so much and am just completely stuck! I have three months to get this figured out. A long time I know!
I did both in HS. After a bad freshman year HS gym season and some problems with competitive club I tried out for varsity cheer at our school for my sophomore and junior year. I loved it. I thought I was going to go to college to cheer and when I started looking at schools the summer before senior year they actually suggested I'd be better off doing gym. So I went back to training and competing artist gymnastics.

Make your decision based on how much you love it. If you can't decide, maybe you could keep cheering but instead of club gym you could do rec gym like HS or Xcel/prep-op.
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