Halloween Party at the gym

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Oct 2, 2008
South Carolina
That is too cute...looks like they had a blast!

Our gym did a Spooky Sleepover the weekend before last and Juju went as Pippi Longstocking. For the costume contest they also had to perform or do a skit of some sort. Well she paired up with one of her teammates dressed as a gangster. Juju skipped around the floor singing the Pippi Longstocking theme song then her friend came up, pushed her and said "where's my money Pippi?" It was absolutely highlarious! They ended up winning 2nd place. I so wish I would have taken video.

I did get a picture of her before we left the house though... Believe it or not the dress was mine when I was her age so it is about 30 years old. :eek:


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