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Midget's Dad

Ok, so exciting to me, your mileage may vary.

For level 3 we always go to the same place, where her meet last Saturday was, all year. Well level 2 does too. 4 and up the owner takes to other meets around the area and region.

Anyway, in February 4 and up are going to the Magical Classic in Orlando.

After our girls did so well on Saturday she has decided to take any L3s that want to go if we can get 3 to confirm so they can compete as a team. She told the right person this by talking to my wife LOL. DW had already gotten 1 other confirmation by the end of practice yesterday, since we are already a definite, and got another one this morning. :eek::D


As I sit in Orlando, that is great news... Good for Midget. That will be fun and exciting...



How exciting! Hope you get as many to go as possible, what a fun experience!

Midget's Dad

At this point we have 5 of 11 confirmed. That woman of mine is driven.
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Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
That will be SOO much fun! How exciting for her and for the whole family. Glad others want to go and are able!!


How fun! A gymmie at our gym who used to live in Florida went to that meet a couple times. They had a blast!
We just left Disney a few days ago and would love to go again. Have fun for us!
Jan 22, 2008
Very exciting. I have been trying to get our gym to take a MAJOR trip like that. They used to do it every other year but for the past 4 they have not done it. Lets just say I am even willing to pay coaches air fare for a meet trip like that. Good luck and have FUN!!!
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