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Heayy Gymnasts!! I'm new on this site so here are some basics about me...

I was in gymnastics from the age 6 to 8 (i think). I made it up to level 4 and i was with 12 year olds. They started to make fun of me so i quit after the competition thingy.

I am now 11 (turning 12) and just joined on November 19th 2008. They held me back in level 2-3 because I couldnt do a couple things. My old couch that i had in level 4 wasn't my couch but he helped me with all the things. He was so proud of me when i got my pullover!! (lol now pullovers are easy!) Also that day i asked him if he could help me with a front handspring. I got them perfect very fast. Than the next practice i got 4 more things i needed (3 tap swings on highbar, round-off off beam, handstand flop, and handstand on vault) than i did a couple front handsprings and he told me "Your front handsprings are excellent! You should be working on your last 2 things!" So i did. but i did a couple more (hehe).

The reason why my usename is "DetermindGymnast" is because i am VERYYY determind. It took me a month of going to practices and only practicing my pullover for 3 HOURS every saturday (i did a couple front tucks when my hands hurt). And Joe even said that I was the most determind person at the whole gym!! Thats alott of people!!

PS- If you havent noticed, I am really good for my level and should be in level 4 or higher, i just need to get 2 things!! (which i will very shortly!!)

PSS- My friend is like in joga c (i think its like level 6) and she cant land a front handspring but i can!! hehe shes jelous :D


Dec 21, 2008
I mis-read the title of your thread and thought it said heavy gymnast(Sorry, woke up without enough sleep). Anyway, welcome to the board. Good job on getting your skills back so quickly, and keep it up!
Mar 14, 2007
lol I actually mis-read it as well.....

Anyway, welcome to CB and you really seem to get those skills really fast which is awesome. Keep us up to date on your progress! :)


Proud Parent
Dec 9, 2008
Welcome to chalkbucket! I, too, misread the title :). Good luck!

What on earth does that say. Please read the rules and do NOT post like that again.

Bog, you may want to just remove that post. There are several expletives represented.:rolleyes:
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