Hello :)

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Smile :)

I was going to just reply to the longer introductions thread but apparently I can't reply to threads because I don't have sufficient permission :confused: but I can start my own---now that actually seems a little more dangerous;). Anyway I'm rather new to gym scene my husband and I are in the process of adopting my younger sister who has lived with us since last December. She is enjoying gymnastics again after life kind of got in the way for awhile and we're trying to appreciate or at least understand the finer points of the sport. :)


Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Sep 25, 2007
Hello and welcome!

If you are trying to reply to a post in certain areas (parents, coaches or gymnasts) you have to be in that group. You join those groups by going to the UserCP area and then finding the Group Memberships link under Networking. Then you can join the groups that apply to you and can reply in that forum.

I think you can just click here and edit your group memberships as well.

For example, I am a member of the Proud Parent group, so I can post replies in the Parent forum. I am not a coach or gymnast, so I can read, and post questions, but not reply to other's posts in those forums.

Lots of great info here. Hope you enjoy it.
Feb 26, 2007
Hey Smile,

Welcome to the Chalkbucket. Congratulations on your new baby and on the process of adopting your sister, she is a lucky girl and I am sure that all your lives will be better together.

You will meet lots of great, supportive people here, so feel free to ask quaestions and share thoughts.

I am very happy that you are here with us, you sound like just the kind of Mom we love.

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Smile :)

Thanks for all of the welcomes :)

Now for my stupid question: Is there a trick to getting into chat?:confused: I can see other people's comments scrolling but I have no clue where/how I type something to contribute.
Not open for further replies.