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  1. L

    Parents How to you deal with the Mom drama at the gym?

    Over the past two years one mom has tried to have our daughter kicked off the team three times. The first time our daughters were laughing at a joke together and the mom told the gym my daughter was laughing AT her daughter. The gym told my daughter she had to miss two days of practice. We...
  2. F

    Parents Shameless mom brag...

    My girl just had the meet of her life. Last week she scored her first ever perfect 10 on bars. I really didn't think anything could top that. Well, tonight she scored TWO perfect 10s (vault and bars) and scored the highest AA score in the country with a 39.775. Cannot wait for her college...
  3. N

    Parents New gym mom

    So SUPER new mom. My daughter is 3 and ABSOLUTELY loves gymnastics. She started about 6 months ago but talked about it for months before that. I was waiting for her to be old enough, although i still started her a little early. Here's the thing, her coach recommended moving her to an advanced...
  4. G

    Parents Gymnastics college team seeker, high school gymnast mom

    Do you ever think about moving to TX ,almost half of National team members are from WOGA!!! Any thoughts? My daughter is doing level9 now , really think about a best gym for her for high school critical time .
  5. F

    Parents Proud mom!

    Lily committed to OU yesterday on a full athletic scholarship! This has been her dream and goal for as long as I can remember. #boomersooner
  6. DTAG

    Boy mom here :)

    Hello! I've been lurking on here for about a year now. There was always a glitch in creating an account, but I have read A LOT! My youngest son, (age 8), is the gymnast. He has been doing it for one year. He started rec, got switched to pre-team after a couple of months, and competed in a few...
  7. MuggleMom

    Parents Mom is not in shape

    Trying to encourage my daughter without going too nuts and making her hate conditioning so I suggested we do her gym warm up together a couple mornings a week to stay in shape. Holy crap its hard I didnt make it all the way through. Hoping in a month I can work up to doing the whole warm up. She...
  8. M

    i learn from other moms and also help whenever i can

    Hello. I am new to this site but not new to vthe gym mom world. my daughter is currently in her 6th competition season as a Lv (training 9) gymnast. I've learned that some of my best knowledge of this sport (and how to help my daughter navigate it) comes from other moms/parents. I look forward...
  9. bogwoppit

    Parents I am a gym mom again

    I never forsaw this one coming, but my youngest at 20 years old is back in the gym. She is in Scotland doing a University exchange and her Uni has a great gym club. She has not done gym for almost 9 years, and her skills are coming back quite nicely. She is now buying competition leo and...
  10. F

    WAG She did it....shameless mom brag

    Lily competed in her first elite national qualifier today and she achieved her goal. With a score of 52.7 she is officially a junior elite gymnast! Never been more proud of her. Can't wait to see what 2020 and beyond has in store for her!
  11. JoyJam

    MAG Mom

    Just saying hello from a new to CB MAG mom!
  12. EllasMom

    Hello Everyone! AAU Xcel Silver Mom

    Ella - 9 y.o. Silver Xcel My daughter started gymnastics rec classes in March 2018. In June 2018 they had a fun meet and then asked my daughter to try out for their team. Last year she competed Level 1 and ended the season as the AAU District Champion for Level 1. This year they moved her up to...
  13. M

    Hi, I’m mom of 7 yo level 2 gymnast.

    Hi, I’m Adele, mom of 7 yo level 2 gymnast.
  14. F

    Parents Daughter retired. Mom can't.

    I will admit up front that I realize that I am "that mom" that you never thought you would be. I feel horrible about it. Please, I'd like supportive advice, not bashing. My daughter graduated high school last year as a L10. She was known as the comeback kid. She suffered through more than...
  15. LindyHopper

    Experienced Artistic, but fairly new Rhythmic mom

    Hi all! I haven't been around in a fairly significant period of time. My eldest, 13. 5 year old Short Stack, is in the midst of her first L8 season. We went through our first major coaching drama back in the spring. (Assistant coach, still a favorite, started their own gym). We stayed where...
  16. W

    hey there, new nervous mom of a level 1 gymnast

    hey there all! i'm glad to be here. our gym is currently phasing out competing at level 1 and level 2. my 6 yr old spent her kindergarten year in pre competition level.. not even level 1. her coach quit in march and the new coach moved her two weeks later to level 1 non competitive and said...
  17. MimsMom

    Introducing myself - Gymnast Mom

    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself. I have a 7-year old level 3 (maybe 4 if she can get that darn kip). She lives and breathes gymnastics and spends all waking hours practicing on her home kip bar and beam. I am just here to support her and find out how I can help her when she needs it. Any...
  18. J

    Hi! New gymnastics mom here - help with vault

    Hi everyone! My 8 year old daughter had a later start to gymnastics and just started Level 3 (pre-team) this year. She had only had 6 months of gymnastics prior to this, but she is strong, flexible and learns quickly. She was behind at the beginning of the year, but after 5 months has more or...
  19. J

    Gymnast mom

    Hi! I am new to the group and wanted to introduce myself. I am looking for some advice and support for my level 7 gymnast!
  20. T

    Coaches Tiger Mom

    I’ve been coaching for 13 years. I have recently inherited a team from a previous coach who sort of “gave up” on her team prior to being let go. The kids I have are level 3 and 4. They have had no true conditioning and sloppy basics. I have been trying to work with them to get them ready for...