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I am a gym mom and retired gymnast. I did gymnastics in the late 70's and early 80's. I coach in a pinch. I was so happy when my kids learned to love this sport. My son is 19 and a college student. My DD(which I affectionly call "Turtle") is a level 8 team gymnast(level 9 in high school). Our favorite color is purple. I love doing gym crafts and I am known thru out the gym as the blanket mom. I call my DD "Turtle" becuase of the story the tortoise and the hare. She was one of the last girls to get her kip. She did level 5 3 times but she stuck it out. The thing I most admire about her is her ability not to leave any of her team mates out regardless of age. The lil girls love her. She also coaches and she has gotten more kids to do kips then anyone I have ever seen. She is 16 (learning how to drive and we all thought gym was scary!!!) She is an honor student and aspires to be a youth advocate attorney. We got our very first pet this year a kitten name Esparo which is spanish for lucky. My DD has asthma which is another reason we do gym. In a gym you can control mother nature most of the time. I look forward to this new group. We reside in NY an hour away from the Olympic village of Lake Placid.
Not open for further replies.