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We had our first practice for the Fall tonight with my L4 boys, there are 3 new guys I'm working with so there is a total of 8! One of these boys however has Asperger's. He gets very angry with the other team mates, and does not understand if told to do push ups because of talking why he is "being punished". Everything I've ever learned is to use positive reinforcements, and push-ups and other conditioning are all negative for this child. Which is completely different then every other child on the team. My question is I guess has anyone ever worked with a child like this? Any tips? I researched a bit on the topic and found that these children work best with routines and little transition in their schedules, but I have no idea how that can happen at our gym seeing as we are moving every 20 min. and each practice our rotations change?

If anyone has any ideas please send them my way.
Thank you!


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Jun 26, 2008
I have worked with lots of kids with this type issue (I'm a pediatric PT and work part time in an elementary school).

One helpful thing that you could do to relieve problems during transitions is to create a schedule for practice. You could write it simply on a piece of paper at the beginning of each practice (1.warm up, 2.floor, 3.vault....) or you could get fancier. But the basic jist is that although the order of practice may change from class to class, he will know at the start of each class what to expect. Then, a few minutes before you rotate, prepare him. (5 min and we go to...3 more turns and it's time for...)

I have to run now, but I'll try to check back and give you some more ideas if I can!!:)


Wow, that would be tough. I've worked with plenty of autistic boys and girls in rec but never in team and I'm not sure I would, given how tough it is to coach L4 or L5 boys behavior wise.
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