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Level 4 Gymnastics

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  1. M

    Parents Level 4 score out. New 36 rule.

    Hello, does scoring a 36 at USAG Level 4 States count for the 2nd score out or only regular season meets? Thank you!
  2. G

    Off Topic L4 20 hours thread reply

    I think 20hrs is too much for a L4... I only did 12, and as a gold training platinum still do 12. Even the L6 and diamonds at our gym do 16 hours and they score well, with a lot qualifying to regionals and nationals!
  3. N

    Parents Level 4, 20 hours a week

    I'll start this off with, I'm just a preteam mom that knows nothing. Isn't 20 hours a week a little much for level 4? Level 3 practices 12 hours. Is that normal? Would you look for a gym with less hours for your preteam child?
  4. A

    Anon Is level 4 required?

    Someone told me today that level 4 is not a required level and that a gymnast could enter at level 5. Is that true? Thanks!!
  5. B

    Coaches level 4 7 year old

    My daughter turned 7 a month ago and is competing level 4 she has scored twice mid 34 and has 35.1 competing against girls 2 years older she is finishing about 11th at each meet and has finished 7th as a coach is that what you would expect for someone at her age and level would you consider...
  6. G

    WAG Mobility score for level 4 and 5

    Did the mobility score for compulsories change? I thought it was 32... is it 34 now? Also, is there any way you can move up levels without getting the mobility score? I have all my skills with good form at practice but mess up badly because of nervousness at meets
  7. B

    Parents Repeat level 4 at age 11

    My daughter has been competing in JO now for 5 seasons, she’s 11 years old. She did levels 2 and 3 then COVID hit and messed up her first level 4 season. In order to keep her doing something, her coach placed her in XCEL meets for that first season in 4. We moved and she started attending a new...
  8. S

    Parents Remind Me Again That Level 4 Scores and Placement Isn't So Important

    My 8yr old daughter had her last meet of her first competitive season on Friday. We only do 4 meets, she came in last in her age group at this meet and once again, she was the lowest AA score on her team (she was the lowest at the three other meets as well). She is handling this fine. She is...
  9. longlivedasset2

    Parents Level 4 hours?

    My 7yo is about to start practicing for level 4. She likes gymnastics, but she doesn't 'live and breathe' gymnastics like some girls do. I think she's decent at it. They are about to start 12 hours/week training, but the scheduling isn't firm yet. I know this is the low-end of average practice...
  10. B

    WAG Minimum age for USAG DP level 4

    Hi, I believe the minimum age is 7 to compete level 4. Is it 7 by the date of the meet or 7 by December 31st of that year? Thanks!
  11. D

    Parents DD age 14 and level 4

    Hi guys! Recently my daughter has seem to be unmotivated, as she has girls age 7-10 in her group and being the 3rd oldest it makes her feel as if she's not going to level up enough for her to pursue her dreams in university/college gymnastics. She's 14 and a 9th grader, her watching girls age 14...
  12. Manauia

    Anyone know of a good online gymnastics program for level 4. & 5 training?

    as My girls stay socially distanced I was wondering besides the conditioning list our coaches give them, are there good online videos they could watch to keep them interested? Conditioning list can become quite monotonous. And a little motivation and good coaching online would probably save them...
  13. K

    WAG Vault level 4 help

    HELP!! my level 4 vault is great! But my coach says I need to flip faster. Anybody have any ideas on how to help me?
  14. C

    Parents Level 4 can’t get scores up/online help?

    Hello there. Has anyone done the online lessons where you send in video of your gymnast and they go over deductions/what to work on etc? Helpful? Our daughter is looking really good aside from The Kip on bars. She is getting to the point now where she is getting very disappointed. The coaches...
  15. G

    Parents My daughter is scoring low for the second year in level 4

    My daughter is in her second year at level 4. She just competed in her 1st meet this year and made a terrible overall score. Her coach told me she was doing great at practice and she was sure she woukd make state and mobilize this season. Our gym practices 3 days a week. No extra practice in the...
  16. 0

    Parents Qualifying scores in New York for level 4

    Hi. The NYUSAG website shows gymnasts need 32 at a qualifying meet to qualify for states. On the main usag website it says a gymnast needs 34 to qualify out. Which one is correct and is it different by state ??? Thank you
  17. G

    WAG Level 4 groupings

    Hello all! I have a daughter who just turned seven and is competing her first meet as a level 4 in a week. I was thinking this might be a harder year than last year since there are less seven year olds at this level and shes one of the youngest of them all. Last year, there were three other six...
  18. F

    WAG Level 4 vault

    I have been having trouble with level 4 vault, I will get scared as I´m running and when I get to the board I just run to the side. Whenever I finally do jump, I´m not scared while I´m doing it, but when I go to do it again I get scared. again. I have no other mental blocks on any of my...
  19. F

    WAG Level 4 bars

    hi all, i have a new level 4 group who come in 3 days a week and will be getting around 40 minutes on bars obviously i want to help them out and get them as ready as possible and our level 4s last year didnt do so hot on bars. i was wondering how you guys structure your bars practice and what...
  20. S

    WAG JOGA Level 4 requirements

    Hi, I'm trying to find a guidebook of requirements for the various JOGA levels. My daughter is currently a level 4. I've gone to the JOGA website but the link which has the list of requirements is password protected. I think this is very strange since my other daughter competes in USAG and...