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Jul 12, 2008
Hi, my name is Lynn and I live in AZ. I have 2 dd and 2 ds. Both of my girls are in gym.... so we live at our gym! My 9 year old just came back to gymnastics after a few years off (but she did cheer & tumbling) this last year. She is on pre-team. (At our gym-it is more like training level 4) My youngest daughter started at the same time as her sister and quickly went over to the lowest level of the developmental program. (She is 4 now) We have 4 "special team" levels before you compete, what about all of you? Lynn


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Aug 25, 2007
North Carolina
Hi Lynn, Welcome to CB.

My DD just turned 8 a couple weeks ago. She got her feet wet doing a few meets as a L3 last year. This upcoming season she will do L3 again. In January she will move up. She has all of her L4 skills - just needs some time to pretty them up !! She has been in gym for two years and started in a pre-school class then went to a combo- gym/dance now she is on pre-team L3 (the L3 practice w/ team girls but less hours.). She and one other L3 that will also be moving up in January have been practicing one day a week with the L4 & L5 and just last week were asked to practice w/ those girls all 3 days they practice. They thing that is cool :D


Hello and welcome! Sounds like you have a busy household!

I have three kids, two boys and a girl, who is the only gymnast in the house. She's 6 and a level 4. She just finished her first competition season as a level 2 (AAU) and skipped level 3. She'll compete L4 in January and by then she'll be 7.

Oh, I almost forgot the rest. We have pre-team, then AAU levels 2, 3 and 4, then USAG levels 5 and up.
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Hi Lynn! Welcome to CB. I have twins, two girls Leah and Alexis(Lexi) they are 7 and level 5. We have, pre-team, then levels 4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10.:)


Hi and Welcome. I have 3 kids. My oldest is the only one in gymnastics - she is 11 and a level 7. My other dd is 10 - used to do gymnastics and cheer and has settled on soccer. My beast - I mean ds- is 6 and plays hockey.
Mar 5, 2008
North America
Hi Lynn,
I'm Kathy and I have 2 kids. My son is 6 and is taking gymnastics classes. My dd is 9 and just started gymnastics this year--she is Level 4. She did All Star cheer for the past 3 years. We switched to gymnastics in April because she was getting burnt out from cheer and she was having issues with cheer tumbling. Sounds like our daugters have identical backgrounds!! Thats' great that they are the same age and starting gymnastics together (well you know what I mean--via the chalk bucket!)
Welcome and I'm sure you will have a lot of fun on here!
Good luck to your kids this season!
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Aug 27, 2006
:wave: Lynn!

I have twin boys and a 10 yr old dd who has moved to level 5 this summer.

We have USAG preteam level 3 and competitive levels 4-10, Rec levels preschool through 10


Welcome to CB, this is a wonderful site, very helpful and vey positive.

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