OT High School Marching/Orchestral Band?

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Oct 15, 2007
OK so i was jus wonderin how many gymnasts were also instrumentally or vocally talented too? I kno that i and a girl from my old gym were both in middle school band, then when we got to high school she dropped out bc of too much commitment and stress. Any similar stories? Or, does anyone play an instrument or sing outside of school?



My DD is in 7th grade and has been playing the Cello for 3 years. Does Orchestra during school and is also in her school's Chamber Orchestra which meets 2 mornings a week before school. Hopefully she will continue when she gets to HS.

She loves playing and while it's hard to find the time to practice, she somehow makes it all work and does very well with it.
Feb 8, 2008
I play the flute. I'm in the top band in my high school but around February the senior stop practicing and then we suck for the rest of the year and our teacher gets impatient with us. I'm the third chair out of nine I think. Can't sing for the life of me though:)


I play the clarinet in my school band!
I'm 2nd chair in my grade!
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